The Pacific Rim Real Estate Society - Board

The Board of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society is made up of 12 ordinary members.  

Four members from Australia
Two members from New Zealand
Four members from the Asean and Oceania
Two non-regional members
In addition the board has six official positions, President, Past President, President Elect, Executive Director, Secretary and Treasurer.  Elections for the board and for the official positions are held each year at the Annual General Meeting which is held during the annual PRRES Conference.

2022 Board of Directors


New Zealand

Asean and Oceania

Non Regional

Chris Leishman
Connie Susilawati

Ken Rayner
Dulani Halvitgala

William Chung
David Dyason


ONG Seow Eng
Najib Razali
Kelvin Wong
Peddy Pi Ying Lai


Tim Peisley


Official Positions for 2022

President: Chyi Lin Lee



President Elect:  Graham Squires

Executive Director: Neville Hurst  

Secretary:    Sara Wilkinson

Treasurer: Hera Antionades

Past-President: Clive Warren 

Director-Awards: Braam Lowies. 

Web-master: Clive Warren

Journal Editor: Edward Cheung & William Chung

Historian: Garrick Small (co-opted)

Newsletter Editor: Dulani Halvitigala (co-opted)

Director of Sponsorship: Chyi Lin Lee

Director of Membership Development: Connie Susilawati

Director of Media & Communication: Ken Rayner

Co-opted Positions: Bjorn Berggren

Co-opted Positions: Jerry Liang

Co-opted Positions: Wejen Reddy





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