International Property Research Conference: Update

Several different property conferences will be held in different parts of the world over the next year.  These include.
Pacific-Rim Real Estate Society, PRRES
Sunshine Coast Australia: 2016, January 17-20, click for details
American Real Estate Society, ARES
Denver. 2016, March 29 to April 2. Click for details
European Real Estate Society, ERES
Regensburg, Germany 2016, June 8-11  click for details
Asian Real Estate Society, AsRES
Bangalor, India 2016 July 13 -15  click for details
African Real Estate Society, AfRES
Kumasi, Ghana : 2015 September 2-5 click for details

  Latin American Real Estate Society LARES
São Paulo, Brazil: 2014 September, 23-25, 201 click for details