Pacific Rim Real Estate Society
27th  Annual Conference, 2021



Planning for the 2021 conference is currently underway, however due to the Covid 19 pandemic it is not curtain that a conference will be held in 2021. Further details will be posted to the website as the situation become clearer.

PRRES is continuing planning for the Estate Master Comptition in 2021 a detailed flyyer is at Link

The EstateMaster Competition has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the PRRES community and this has carried over with the merging of EstateMaster with Altus Group. The competition prize is $2000 cash for the winning team that can be made up of both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

This year is based on a site coming out of Perth, Western Australia with a focus on commercial development rather than residential. The site is interesting as it has been merged from a couple of different acquisitions therefore putting the challenge on to get creative!

We encourage all students and staff to get involved as it really does go a long way for developers when looking for students who have experience in both EstateMaster software as well as conducting a proper feasibility case analysis that would be presented to a board.

 For further information contact Tim at:

Tim Peisley 
Senior Trainer 

Altus Group

 T: +61 2 9263 1352 | F: +61 2 9263 1351

Level 12, 1 Market Street

Sydney NSW  2000, Australia







Conference Chair:
Hera Antoniades

Conference Proceedings Editor
Graham Squires

Conference Speakers Committee
Braam Lowies; Sara Wilkinson