Michael A. Goldberg is the Herbert R. Fullerton Professor of Urban Land Policy in the Sauder School of Business and the Associate Vice President International at the University of British Columbia. He was Dean (1991-97), and at UBC since 1968 after finishing a PhD in Economics at the University of California at Berkeley.


 He has been Chair of the Real Estate Foundation (1988- 91) and a governor (1985-92); was a Commissioner of the British Columbia Housing Management Commission (1989-1992); was a member of the Deposit Insurance Advisory Committee serving Canada’s Minister of Finance (1992-94); is a member of the Investment Committee of the B.C. Workers Compensation Board; is or was on the Boards of Directors of Redekop Properties (1994- 2000), Catamaran Ferries International (1996-97); Imperial Parking Ltd. (1991-94); Vancouver Land Corporation (1991-93) and of Lend Lease Global Properties Fund (2001-present). He was the Chair (1992-94) (Vice-Chair 1991-92) of the Canadian Federation of Deans of Management and Administrative Studies, and on the International Marketing Committee of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (1993-7).


His research has continued to focus on cities and real estate markets, increasingly in an international setting as in his book The Chinese Connection: Getting Plugged in to Pacific Rim Real Estate, Trade and Capital Markets, (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1985) which examines real estate investment behaviour of Southeast Asian ethnic Chinese. He has also worked widely in housing and property markets and policy, advising businesses, trade associations and governments at all levels around the world on housing and real estate. In sum, he has wholly or partly authored 9 books and more than 200 academic and professional articles largely dealing with facets of real estate and urban/regional economic analysis and policy.