RMIT University


RMIT University enjoys a long tradition of providing working people with work-related education and undertaking research that reflects business and community aspirations. The university provides education and training programs to almost 60,000 Australian and international students. The university’s curriculum is aligned to the demands of the global economy and its international links with more than 190 universities and colleges, allow students and staff to participate in exchanges, study abroad programs, and cooperative teaching and research initiatives.  RMIT programs are delivered and awarded in 12 countries through partnership relationships as well as an international campus in Vietnam. RMIT is a partner in more than 20 research centres including 9 Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs). It also provides training and consultancy services to government, industry and community clients both in Australia and internationally.


School of Property, Construction and Project Management


The School of Property, Construction and Project Management (PCPM) was created in 2004 by fusing the staff and programs associated with each of the disciplines appearing in the school’s title. The school’s research and teaching activities are described below: 


PCPM Course-Work Teaching Programmes


Bachelor of Applied Science degrees are offered to undergraduate students in the specialisations of construction management, property management, property and valuation. The programs have been devised to ensure students experience the key aspects of all disciplines and gain a global understanding of the entire industry that they choose to enter. All programs share a common first year, allowing all students to learn and work collaboratively in activities and assessments revolving around a reasonably familiar theme (the residential sector). In the remaining three years a number of common core units and elective opportunities, help reinforce the common threads across all professional areas. All specialisations have an industry work-experience component embedded within their curricula.


At the post-graduate level, PCPM offers a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Project Management.  Graduate Diplomas are also offered in, Valuations and Property.   Masters offerings (by course work) include a Master in Business (Property) and a Master in Project Management.


PCPM Research


PCPM is committed to researching and publishing the latest innovations and ideas in the construction management, project management and property fields. As well as offering research degrees (Master and Doctor of Philosophy), PCPM undertakes government-funded research through various federal and state government agencies. The School is a member of the Collaborative Research Centre in Construction Innovation, together with other universities and industry partners. PCPM recently expanded its research potential with the appointment of several full-time research fellows and a research director. 


PCPM International Activities and Experiences


PCPM staff posses well established networks with universities across the globe. They also visit universities as teaching fellows and organize overseas study tours for students. International scholars and industry experts regularly visit the school and provide staff and students with their expertise and ideas on various research areas and issues. Finally, the school is in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Management in the delivery of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management.