Pacific Rim Real Estate Society
19th Annual Conference, January 13th - 16th 2013, Melbourne, Australia

RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia

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Future Directions; A Time of Change

Paper Format



All conference papers that will be published on the PRRES website must follow a standard format. This standard format applies to all papers submitted for refereeing but also to any non-referred papers that are published in the proceedings on the PRRES website. Authors are reminded that works in progress may be presented as a power point rather than as a paper and in this instance no standard formatting is required.

This template follows the style conventions from the Pacific Rim Property Real Estate Journal and authors should follow the same conventions as are used in that journal. View a recent paper for an example.

The template provides details on the format required as well as including all the embedded Word styles.

Download the Paper Template.

In order for your paper to be refereed it must reach the referees panel of the conference committee by September 23rd.  Please note that for purposes of refereeing authors should submit their papers using PDF format. The cover page should only have the title, abstract and keywords. The author(s) name should not appear anywhere in the paper.

Following the refereeing process authors are required to make any suggested changes and resubmit their paper in the final format (including authors details) after presentation at the conference.   Papers that are not in the correct template format or have not had the necessary changes will not be published in the proceedings.

Send papers to be refereed to

Submission Deadlines

Submission of Refereed and Non Refereed Abstracts

31 August 2012
Acceptance of Abstracts Mid September 2012
Submission of Refereed Papers 30 September 2012
Acceptance of Refereed Papers  TBA
Submission of Amended or Final Papers   TBA