PRRES Newsletter

April 2008


New Property Course ushers in new era of Property Education in Victoria

Starting a new property course from the ground up presents an ideal opportunity to ‘get it right’ the first time, as well as developing innovations for property education.  The Deakin University property course is being delivered via a flexible delivery mode where the students are exposed to a combination of face-to-face lectures and off-campus lectures.  For example, internet lectures are held using ‘Elive’ (see ) which is new cutting edge interactive 2-way software that collectively incorporates PowerPoint lectures, whiteboard and audiovisual teaching.  With ‘Elive’ students are able to raise their hand and ask questions to all students or the lecturer during the lecture whilst they are located off-campus or on-campus.  In addition many of the Deakin University subjects are available over the summer semester which shortens the time required to complete the course.

Deakin University has close industry contacts since the course has been developed over many years in consultation with all the professional bodies including the API and RICS.  The range of new units includes a strong focus on sustainability (e.g. SRP112 Sustainable Construction) as well as covering both introductory and advanced property development subjects.  The property valuation subjects are supported by a large range of industry data sources.  The demand for quality property graduates in Victoria has been very high in recent years and this new 3 year course has been designed to meet this demand.  Early indications are that the timing and design of the Deakin University course has been ideally suited to Victorian property students, industry employers, professional bodies and the property market itself.

Dr Richard Reed
Professor of Property and Real Estate
Deakin University


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