PRRES Newsletter

April 2008


Pacific Rim Property Research Journal Editor’s Report

·         PRPRJ has been published since 1989; 2007 was our 13th volume

·         25 papers were published in the four copies of PRPRJ in 2007, comprising over 500 pages

·         Publications were mainly from Australia (65%), Malaysia (13%) and Taiwan (9%)

·         Areas covered were property investment/LPTs (22%), housing (22%), valuation (13%), property markets (13%) and property companies (13%)

·         18 universities/organisations were represented amongst the 40 authors

·         61% of authors had not published in PRPRJ before

·         30% of authors had not published before

·         Richard Reed and Larry Murphy were appointed to the editorial board of the PRPRJ

PRPRJ encourages PRRES members to submit their papers for consideration for publication in PRPRJ. Email copies to Graeme Newell at; we try to get referees’ reports back to you within 6-8 weeks.

Professor Graeme Newell
Editor, PRPRJ


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