PRRES Newsletter

April 2009


News from Lincoln University

Chris Eves has left Lincoln to take up the chair at QUT. He will be sadly missed as he made a substantial contribution at Lincoln and fitted in perfectly with the culture of the organisation. Applications for the chair he left vacant have recently closed and interviews will be held shortly.


Jane Simpson recently took up a lecturer's position at Lincoln. She is a graduate of Auckland University in both Architecture and Property. In recent years she has been playing and coaching soccer for national and professional teams in Europe and New Zealand but has now embarked on an academic career. With Chris' departure she has been thrown in the deep end taking over some of his third year subjects.


Former Lincoln stalwart Ced Croft is to return to teaching in the second semester 2009. He will be delivering the final year Rural Valuation course on a contract basis while still maintaining the property consultancy business he set up after leaving Lincoln a few years ago. Always very popular with the students, it will be great to have Ced back with a whole new bunch of "real world" stories and contacts from his recent consultancy activities.


Rod Jefferies has negotiated a reduction of his teaching load this year, with another reduction planned for next year as he eases his way into retirement - again!!  This he says will allow him to focus a little more on his PhD and his fishing.   


John McDonagh is very lucky to still be here at all!  Recently, while in the process of replacing a head gasket on his racing car between races at the major classic car race meeting of the season, he managed to drop the car off the jack. Unfortunately he was underneath it at the time!! Luckily people nearby were able to lift it off John, and battered, bloodied and bruised he competed in three more races (after fixing the head gasket) before heading off to accident and emergency.  Luckily x-rays revealed nothing broken, and after three weeks limping around he is almost better - just in time for the next race meeting!


John McDonagh



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