PRRES Newsletter

April 2009


News from UniSA

Professor Stan McGreal from the University of Ulster visited the University of South Australia at the end of January as Visiting Professor in Property. Professor McGreal, who is the Research Director of the Built Environment Institute at the University of Ulster, visited the Property Group with a view to establishing research links, promoting individual research agendas and identifying areas of common research. While in Adelaide, Professor McGreal has also had a number of meetings with local professional and government organisations. Despite the hottest fortnight on record Stan plans to return to UniSA again!


On the 27th February 2009 Paul Kershaw retired from UniSA.  Paul has been a Principal Lecturer at the University of South Australia for over 20 years. With significant expertise in finance and estate management, Paul has been involved in teaching and research projects relating to property valuation, market analysis and investment. He will remain as an Adjunct Principal Lecturer at UniSA and in this role will continue to provide invaluable support in terms of research and data analysis.  Otherwise Paul is looking forward very much to greater leisure and longer lunches.


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