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April 2010

The 2010 PRRES Business Case Competition - the UniSA Team reports back


From Saturday the 23rd of January 2010 until Thursday the 28th of January, myself and three other team mates ventured across the Tasman Sea to Wellington, New Zealand, where we were greeted by four other teams who had travelled from near and far from Auckland, Sydney, Singapore and Southern California. We were all in NZ to participate in the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) Case Study Competition.

Now you may be asking yourself what is a Case Study Competition?

In short, teams of four have five hours to read through a hypothetical business problem (usually 10-20 pages of text) and prepare a 10 minute presentation which addresses some of the issues in the case. After the presentation the judges gave us ten minutes of questions on our proposal.

Completing case studies means that you are problem solving, using analytical thinking, issue identification, practicing public speaking, and above all, it’s a chance to use the theory from our course in a ‘real life’ situation.

Gaining the skills learned by doing case studies will be very valuable for my future career and I believe Case Studies should be included in the University Curriculum.


My experience with the PRRES Case Competition was unforgettable. I found it to be such a valuable experience in many respects, for example not only from meeting other people at the property conference, but also from the skills which I learned while participating in the actual competition, and from learning how other teams approached the dilemma in the case study. I highly recommend participating if ever given the chance in the future.

A major benefit of the trip has been the experience both on a social note and in a professional sense. Socially the four members of our team regularly got together with all the other competitors and exchanged contact details. I believe that it was a very important networking opportunity. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and consider it to be such a valuable experience in so many ways.



Nothing compares to the experience of the international case competition. The 2010 competition was held in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, where 5 teams from Adelaide, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore and California met to compete. After analysing the case, the five teams presented their findings in the preliminary rounds.

The two finalists, Auckland and California, were then to present the following day on a different case. Although UniSA didn't make it to the finals, we were commended for a problem solving idea we came up with. Case competition aside, the trip was a great learning curve and networking opportunity.

We had the opportunity to talk to other students studying the same or similar degree at different schools and to see and hear the differences and similarities of these degrees. Free time was provided to attend the conference and industry days which were, again, a great way to benchmark the curriculum at UniSA. It is important to remember that these events do not just happen. Behind the team was a great supportive base of staff that travelled with us, and staff that remained in Adelaide.

Members of the UniSA 2010 PRRES Business Case Competition Team

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