PRRES Newsletter

April 2011


18th PRRES Conference PhD Colloquium

The PhD colloquium this year was a great success with a strong turnout of PhD students presenting on various topics at different stages in their PhD. It was an engaging and enjoyable day with various topics and a good turnout of academics who provided their support and shared their experience and wisdom.

A new session was developed this year which allowed new PhD students to discuss their ideas and possible methodologies and gain valuable feedback on how to approach their ideas and projects.

The PhD colloquium is a great event for PhD students or for those thinking about a PhD. Please encourage your students and potential students to attend next years' PRRES PhD colloquium at the University of South Australia, as it is an opportunity for presenting research and gaining meaningful feedback in a supportive environment.

Congratulations to the 2011 PhD Colloquium scholarship winners, Shuk Man Miranda Chiu for the paper Effects of Land Auctions on Private Housing market An Empirical Study in Hong Kong and Melanie Thomas for the paper Housing preference and choice: Self-congruity and functional congruity influences on home purchase intention.


Dr Georgia Warren-Myers, Organiser PhD Colloquium

Deakin University, Australia



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