PRRES Newsletter

October 2008


Free PRESS membership

Dear University Colleague


Attached please find an application form for student membership of PRRES.  If you could make copies of this form and provide a copy to any interested post-graduate student, PRRES would be most grateful.


As you will see, in support of post-graduate research, PRRES is now offering FREE membership to all FULL-TIME POST-GRADUATE RESEARCH STUDENTS (ie PhD or Masters by RESEARCH).  For other post-graduate students, PRRES is still making a great offer of membership at $AUS55, with 2 years membership for 1 year’s membership fee.


You might also draw to students’ attention the Post-graduate Colloquium which will be held at the next PRRES Conference (18th to 21st January, 2009 in Sydney, Colloquium on the 18th), reduced rate Conference fees for Post-graduate students and the PRRES Scholarships ( 2 valued at $AUS1500 each) to assist in attending the Conference.  Details (together with a considerable number of research papers from the PRRES Region) are available from the PRRES website at


Graeme Newell


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