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October 2011


Nominations for PRRES Board 2012-2014

Nominations are called for election to the PRRES Board for a term of 2 years from the 2012 AGM to the 2014 AGM.

The following PRRES Board positions are available for nomination:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Australia (2 positions)
  • New Zealand (1 position)
  • ASEAN and Pacific Region (2 positions)
  • Non-regional (1 position)

Nominees for President should have prior experience as President-Elect.

Nominees for President-Elect should have prior experience as a member of the PRRES Board.

Nominees for other PRRES Board positions should indicate which of the following PRRES Board roles they would prefer to fulfil if elected:

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Webmaster’s Assistant
  • Post Graduate Colloquium Organiser
  • Director – Awards (Awards Co-ordinator)
  • Director of Sponsorship
  • Director of Membership Development
  • Historian

PRRES Board role descriptions are provided on the PRRES website Click here to see these roles

Financial PRRES members are invited to be nominated for a vacant position by email to the Executive Director ( and should provide:

  • the name of the nominee
  • the position for which the nominee is nominated (President, President-Elect, Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN and Pacific Region, Non-regional)
  • the names of 2 PRRES members who nominate the nominee
  • a statement of not more than 100 words profiling the nominee and outlining his/her proposed contribution to the PRRES Board and preferred PRRES Board role if elected

to be received by 5pm Sydney time on Friday 25th November 2011.

David Parker

Executive Director





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