Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 1999
International Real Estate Society
Pacific Rim Real Estate Society & Asian Real Estate Society

 26 - 30 JANUARY 1999
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Keynote speaker: Prof. Andrew Baum

Delegate Papers - Listed by Author

Papers shown as (REFEREED) have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees. Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and final publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.

Nikolai Trifonov, Real Estate Investments: The Case Of Belarus Refereed

Randall Bell, Real Estate Damages Analytical Tools And Their Application To High-Profile Case Studies

Terry Boyd, Catering For The Mature Self-Directed Learner Who Is Active In The Property Field

Cai Suisheng And Cao Dakui, The Residence Supply Is Surplus Or Short?

Nelson Chan, Identification And Management Of Contaminated Land Refereed

Chen Guan Yan, China Property Industry: Taking Lessons From Asia Financial Turmoil Refereed

Gregory H. Chun And Liong Ju Tjung, Corporate Real Estate Holdings By Industry In The Asia-Pacific Countries

Gregory J Costello, "Price Segmentation, Size Effects And Information Diffusion In Housing Markets"

G. L. (Graham) Crews, Real Estate Agents And Consumer Service: Buyers And Sellers Have Their Say

Chris Eves, Long Term Impact Of Flood Affectation On Residential Property Prices Refereed

Dr Mervyn Fiedler, Some Impacts Of The Howard Government'S Tax Reform Package Upon The Australian Property Industry Refereed

Dominique Achour-Fischer And Vasanthi Monsingh, Australian Listed Property Trusts: A Cointegrating Approach Refereed

Dominique Achour-Fischer, Hedging Office Rental Decisions Refereed

Prof. Dominique Achour-Fischer, Non-Parametric Evaluation Of Australian Listed Property Trusts

John Flaherty, Ric Lombardo, Paul Morgan, Basil Desilva And David Wilson, A Spreadsheet Approach To Business Quantitative Methods

Paul Gallimore And Marvin Wolverton, The Influence Of Clients On The Behaviour Of Appraisers And Valuers: An International Study Refereed

Dr Andrew Marshall Hamer And Miss Ester Van Steekelenburg, Urban Housing In Mainland China: A New Chapter

Jane Hao And David Scott , The Real Estate Industry And Joint Ventures In China Refereed

John Hii Wee Huu Ismail Abdlatif Annuar Md Nasir, Lead-Lag Relationship Between Housing And Gross Domestic Product In Sarawak

Daniel C.W. Ho, Preferences On Office Quality Attributes Refereed

John Keogh, The Case Against Unconscionable Conduct Refereed

John Keogh, The Language Of Negotiation: Who Cares About The Liability? Refereed

John Keogh, The New Approach To Environmental Risk In Corporate Management Refereed

Paul Kershaw And Peter Rossini, Using Neural Networks To Estimate Constant Quality House Price Indices Refereed

Rohit Kishore, "An Examination Of The Distribution Characteristics Of The Australian Listed Property Trusts, Property Returns And Financial Assets" Refereed

Rob Kooymans And Andrew Byars, Does The Proportion Of Anchor Tenant Floor Space Make A Significant Difference To The Capitalisation Rates Of Australian Regional Shopping Centres? Refereed

Peter Krumm, Managing Key Resources And Capabilities: Pinpointing The Added Value Of Crem Refereed

Lau Wai Seang, Performance Indicators For The Malaysian Residential Market

Anthony Lavers, John Murdoch And Neil Crosby, Property Valuers’ And Appraisers’ Liability Exposure An International Perspective On Negligence In Valuation

Stephen L. Lee, The European Real Estate Market

Chun S. Lee, What Is The Real Estate Studies?

John Leigh, Development Of A Mass Valuation System For Rating And Taxing Purposes

Stellan Lundstroem, An Efficient Mix Between In-House Management And Entrepreneurs In Real Estate Management

John Macfarlane, A Comparison Of Models For Construction Cycles Refereed

John Macfarlane And Stephen Moon, Modelling Of Office Markets In Australia Refereed

Bryan D. Macgregor, Common Features In U.K. Commercial Property Returns

Amanda J Mccallum, Determining The Characteristics Of Supply And Demand For Housing The 55+ Age Group Into The Next Millennium.

John Mcdonagh, Corporate Real Estate Asset Management In New Zealand (Preliminary Analysis Of Performance And Stage Of Development)

Robert Mcmaster And Craig Watkins, The Economics Of Housing: The Need For A New Approach

Trevor Mills, A Case For Torren'S System Of Title Registration Refereed

Graeme Newell, Peter Acheampong And Preethi Kottegoda, Assessing The Level Of Direct Property In Property Trust Performance Refereed

Graeme Newell, The Quality Of Valuation Reports In Australia: 1998 Refereed

Geoff Page, Linking Primary Production To Regional Economic Development In The South Central Region Of South Australia

Richard Reed, The Significance Of Character In Long Term Demand For Australian Housing

Peter Rossini, Accuracy Issues For Automated And Artificial Intelligent Residential Valuation Systems Refereed

Peter Rossini, Estimating The Probabilities For House Purchaser Characteristics In Adelaide Refereed

Patrick Rowland, Pricing Lease Covenants: Turning Theory Into Practice

Patrick Rowland, Uses For Betas In Property Portfolio Construction

Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte, Complete Financial Plans As A Way To Determine Returns And Terminal Values Of Property Investments

Gregory M. Schwann, Distinguishing Residential Submarkets

W. Seabrooke, K.C. Wong And Cao Junjian, Institutional Influences On Real Estate Appraisal In China

Tan Yen Keng, An Hedonic Model For House Prices In Malaysia

Bo B. S. Tang And Stanley Chi-Wai Yeung, "Central Business District Development In A Transition Economy – Case Studies Of Guangzhou And Shenzhen, China"

Stephen F. Thode, "Interest Rate Risk, Prepayment Risk, Duration Risk, And A New Mortgage" Refereed

Ting Kien Hwa, Listed Property Trusts In Malaysia : A Comparative Performance Analysis

Ting Kien Hwa, The Listed Property Trusts Industry In Malaysia: Factors Constraining Its Growth And Development

Peter C. Wills And Colin Dominy, Control Of Outgoings (Building Charges) In Commercial Buildings. Refereed

Peter C. Wills., Property Management Fees. Are Managers Underselling Themselves ? Refereed

Wu Ching-Hsuan, Issues Of Historic Buildings Of Preservation In Taiwan --A Perspective Property Rights Refereed

Jianping Ye, China Housing Policy And Housing Market

Yeung, C.W., Chiang, Y.H. And Choy, H.T, Risk And Return Of Property Investment In China - A Case Study Of Guangzhou

Hasmah Abu Zarin, "Factors Influencing Demand For Condominium In Johor Bahru, Malaysia"