Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2002

Eighth Annual Conference 
21-23 January 2002 

Organised by Lincoln University
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PRRES Conference - 2002, Papers Listed by Topic

















PRRES Conference - 2002, Papers Listed by Author

Billy McCluskey, Frances Plimmer & Owen Connellan, Banding of Property Values - Investigating the Potential of Property Tax Banding

Bob Hargreaves, The Banks Peninsula Experience - A Case Study in Rural Tourism

Bob Hargreaves, To Rent or Buy: That is the Question

Brent Nahkies, Heritage Protection - Redefining Highest and Best Use

Bryan Baker, Developing a Model for Residential Rental Real Estate Investment in Melbourne (Australia)

Chi-Yuan Tsai, The Housing Location in Taipei Area

Chris Eves, The Role of Rural Land in Mixed Asset Investment Portfolios

Chris Heywood, Russell Kenley, Greg Missingham, Strategic Local Government Corporate Property Management: A Human Dimension

Connie Susilawati, Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Facilities Provided by office Building "X" in Surabaya

Connie Susilawati, Sutoto Yakobus and Lenny Sulistyawati, The Influence of travel time and size of shopping centre towards the frequencies of visiting customers in shopping centre in Surabaya

Craig Watkins, and Chris Leishman, Examining the persistence of housing submarket price differences

David Parker and Jon Robinson, Generic Software Packages: A Further Critical Evaluation

David Parker, The Australian Discounted Cash Flow Standard: Progress, Issues and Implications

Eddi Hui and Francis Wong, Dynamic Impact of Land Supply on Population Mobility with evidence from Hong Kong

Eddie Hui and Vivien Ho, Relationship Between Land Use Planning System, Land Supply,and Housing Prices in Hong Kong

Elias Oikarinen, An Application of the Consumption Based Asset Pricing Model to Housing Markets

Francis Wong and Eddie Hui, Affordable Housing Development in Western China: A case study of Chongqing

Garrick Small, An Experimental  Study of Auction Behaviour

Gary Dowse, Raewyn Fortes and Allan Smee, Virtual Property: An Interactive Computer Based Learning Experience

Gary Dowse, The Accuracy of MUREAU Residential Market Forecasts

Geoff Page, Teaching Online Property Programs

Graeme Newell & Peter Acheampong, The Quality of Property Education in Australia

Graeme Newell & Peter Acheampong, The Role of Property in Ethical Managed Funds

Graeme Newell, Peter Acheampong and Elaine Worzala, Property Research Priorities in Australia

Graham Crews, Real Estate Agents and Consumer Service: The Market Revisited

Greg Schwann, Henk Berkman, Trading on Discrete Prices in a Residential Real Estate Market

H. F. Leung and K C Wong, Risks Created by Tortuous Claims on Unit Owners of Multi Storey Buildings in Hong Kong

Henning Bjornlund, Are Water Markets Maturing?

Iona McCarthy, The Market for Dairy Farms Under Fonterra Cooperative Group

Ismail Omar, Institutional approach to the land development process in Malaysia - agency relations in the supply of indigenous land for development purposes

Ismail Omar, Rules Affecting the  Land Development Process in Malaysia – The Need for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Jack Dunham, Valuation Best Practice: But What are the Benchmarks

John Baen, The Implication of September 11, 2001 and Terrorism on International Urban Form and Various Classes of Real Estate.

John Dunckley, Financial Reporting: The Drive for Global Convergence

John Flaherty and Ric Lombardo, Negatively Geared Property: Determining the Investment Sum

John Keogh and Paul Bradley, The Potential  for Contractual Disputes in Retirement Village Living

John Lawson, The Search for a Valuation Theory

John MacFarlane, Jane Murray, David Parker and Vincent Peng, Forecasting Property Market Cycles: An Application of the RICS Model to the Sydney CBD Office market

John McDonagh, Measuring Corporate Real Estate Asset Management Performance

John Murdoch, Diana Kincaid, Negligent Valuations - Passing the Buck in Australasia and the UK

John Sheehan and Garrick Small, Towards a Definition of Property Rights

Jon Robinson, Asset Allocation in Balanced Portfolios: A Note on the Place of Property

Jon Robinson, Professional Accreditation and Partnerships: Establishment of Educational Benchmarks in Australasia

Joseph T L Ooi and Liow Kim Hiang, No Rush on REITs in Singapore

Joseph T L Ooi and Liow Kim Hiang, Real Estate Securitisation: Unlocking Corporate Wealth

K W Chau, Murders, externalities and market efficiency - empirical evidence from Hong Kong

K.C. Wong, The Faustmann Condition and the Real Estate Redevelopment Cycle

Karl-Werner Schulte, The Role of Real Estate Investment & Finance in Education and Research

Liow Kim Hiang, The Link Between Singapore Property and Equity Markets

Liow Kim Hiang, Time-varying Net Asset Value Discount of Singapore Property Companies

Lynne Armitage, Indigenous Property Rights: Custom and Commerce at the Interface - A Case Study of the Ahi People's Land, Morobe Province, PNG

Maurizio d'Amato, A Comparison Between Dividend Discount Model and Cyclical Dividend Discount Model for Income Producing Property Appraisal

Max Kummerow, A Statistical Definition of Value

Max Kummerow, The Scope and Method of Political Economy, 2001

Michael Blight and John MacFarlane, Price Movements and Risk in the Sydney Housing Market: 1970 to 2000

Neil Dunse and C Jones, The Spatial Pattern of Industrial Rents and the Role of Distance

Nelson Chan, Stigma Assessment - A Multi-criteria Decision-Making Approach

Nico Rottke, Real Estate Cycles in Germany - Causes and Empirical Analysis and recommendations for the decision process

Patrick Rowland and Sandi Murdoch, Security of Tenure for Small Retail Business

Patrick Rowland, Lease Length and the Care of Properties

Patrick Wilson, and Richard Gerlach, Potential Diversification Benefits in the Presence of Unknown Structural Breaks: An Australian Case Study

Patrick Wilson, Ralf Zurbruegg, Contagion and Diversification: The Impact of Financial and Other Crises on the Integration of Real Estate Markets

Peter Elliot and Richard Reed, The Valuation of Self Funded Retirement Villages in Australia: Analysis: Relaibility and the role of Business Enterprise Value

Peter Rossini, Calculating Stratified Residential Property Indices to Test for Differences in Trend, Seasonality and Cycle

Peter Rossini, Valerie Kupke, Wayne Marano and Paul Kershaw, Calculating a Better Residential Investment Property Yield Index

Peter Wills, Increasing Shareholder Value Through Quality Corporate Real Estate management

Richard Hoyt, Mike Wright & Ced Croft, The Ethical Values of Registered Valuers in New Zealand

Richard Reed, Residential Housing Cycles - Do they Really Exist?

Riel CD Franzen, Property Assessment for Rating Purposes in Southern and East Africa:Present Status and Future Prospects

Rob Kooymans & Tracey Bretag, Getting Serious about Educating Property Professionals from Non English Speaking Backgrounds

Rohit Kishore, Size and value effects for LPTS: A comparison with stocks

Sally Sims, The Effect of Public Perception on Property Values in Close Proximity to Electricity Distribution Equipment

Shi Ming Yu, Client Pressure in Residential Valuations - Evidence from Singapore

Shigeru Ino, Japanese Road Rating System - Pros and Cons

Sonja Gier and Philipp Naubereit, An Institutional Economic Analysis of Securitization in Real Estate

Sopon Pornchokchai, Bangkok Housing Market's Booms and Busts, What Can We Learn

Spike Boydell, Land Tenure Conflict in the Pacific

Sun Sheng Han, Shi Ming Yu, Does the Spatial Distribution of Property Values Respond to Decentralized Urban Development? Singapore in 1990s.

Susan Flint-Hartle, Organisational Learning and Success in New Zealand Real Estate Agencies

Terry Boyd, Thirty Years Later - "Is there a "new school" of appraisal thought?"

Ting Kien Hwa, Relationship Between Malaysian Shares and Real Estate Returns

Valerie Kupke and Wayne Marano, The Implications of Changes in the Labour Market for First Time Homebuyers in South Australia

Valerie Kupke, Peter Rossini, Wayne Marano and Michael Burns, A Comparison of Various Models to Measure the Implicit Price Effect of Aircraft Noise

Vidya Narayan, Rating Appraisal in Fiji Islands

Vivienne Spurge, Broadband Technology in the Office: An Appraisal of the Perception and Needs of Office Occupiers and the Potential Impact upon the Office Market

Wei Chin, Determinants for Office Investment Markets in Southeast Asian Cities, with reference to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur

William Deddis, Ian Lamont and William McCluskey, The Application of Spatially Derived Location Factors within a GIS Environment

Witawat Rungruangphon, Research on Brand Valuation in Real Estate Business