Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2006
The 12th Annual Conference of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society 
 January 22 to 25, 2006, Auckland,  New Zealand
The University of Auckland Business School

Key Note and Round Table Presentations
Delegate Papers - Listed by Author
Delegate Papers - Including Keywords and Abstract

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The University of Auckland Business School

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PRRES Conference - 2006, Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker address – Andy Baum

Keynote address – SC Liu

PRRES Conference - 2006, Property Industry Round Table

Michael Blythe, Chief Economist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, The Economic Backdrop

Kevin Stanley, Regional Director of Research for Australia and New Zealand, CBRE, Trends in Property Markets

John Sears, Manager, Forecasting Services Jones Lang LaSalle, Australian Commercial Property Market

Nic Lyons, CEO GPT,  The Move towards Global Property Investment

Narelle Lee, Manager, Property Investment Strategy AMP, Capital Wholesale Property Investment Market

Chris Davitt, Property Analyst Multiplex, International Capital Flows into Property Investment

Mark Lister, ABN Amro, NZ REIT market

David Gribble, Vice President Morgan Stanley, Trends in Asian REITs

Geoff McWilliam, Property Consultant, The Big Picture: Issues affecting Property Investment

Terry Boyd, QUT, The Changing roles of Property Professionals

Pete Morrissey, Senior Investment Analyst Lonsec Limited, Property Investment: An Investor's Perspective

John Garimort, Director Investment Property Databank, Performance Benchmarking

Ken Atchison, Managing Director Atchison Consulting Global, Direct Property Index

Anthony De Francesco, Head of Research, Colonial First State, Discount rates

Delegate Papers

Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Professor Yu Shi Ming from the National University of Singapore.  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and final publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.

Alastair Adair, Stanley Mcgreal And James R. Webb, Diversification Effects Of Private Versus Public Real Estate In The Uk

Hera Antoniades, Property Tax - A Preliminary Study On The Initial Implications Of The Ralph Report Recommendations For The Real Property Industry Refereed

Armitage, Lynne And Yau, Yung, Heritage Protection In The Built Environment In Hong Kong And Queensland: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Refereed

Martin Becker And Manuel Breidenbach, Real Estate Securitisation In Germany

Henning Bjornlund And Peter Rossini, An Empirical Analysis Of Factors Driving Outcomes In Markets For Permanent Water – An Australian Case Study Refereed

Donald H. Bleich, An Analysis Of The Factors That Influence University Student Interest In The Appraisal Profession

Prof Terry Boyd, Can We Assess The Worth Of Environmental And Social Characteristics In Investment Property? Refereed

Don Bredin, Gerard O’Reilly And Simon Stevenson, Monetary Shocks And Reit Returns

Nelson Chan, The Worst Groundwater Contamination Incident In The Southern Hemisphere - A Case Study Of Orica’S Botany Industrial Park

K.W. Chau, S.K. Wong, Andy T. Chan And K. Lam, How Do People Price Air Quality: Empirical Evidence From Hong Kong Refereed

Chee Cheong, Richard Gerlach, Simon Stevenson, Patrick J Wilson, Ralf Zurbruegg, Permanent And Transitory Drivers Of Securitised Real Estate

Cheung, A.K.C., Wong, S.K., Yau, Y., Chau, K.W. And Ho, D.C.W., The Effect Of Sars On The Price Of Re-Entrants In Multi-Storey Apartment Buildings

Wei (Henry) Chin And Kasia Dziewulska, Money Into Property: Keeping On Track In Asia Pacific Real Estate Capital Markets

Choy, Lennon And Chau K.W., Pricing Under Asymmetrical Information - A Case Study On Hong Kong Housing Market

Gregory J Costello, The Impact Of Stamp Duty Reductions In First-Home Buyer Markets – A Western Australian Case Study

Neil Crosby, Cathy Hughes And Sandi Murdoch , Flexible Leasing And The Small Business Tenant

Éamonn D'Arcy, International Sporting Events As Triggers Of Urban Restructuring And Property Market Change: Some Recent Evidence From Three European Cities.

William Dimovski, The Costs Of Raising Equity Capital By Australian Property Trust Initial Public Offerings Refereed

Edward Te Kohu Douglas, New Zealand Government Reparations For Breaches Of The Treaty Of Waitangi Refereed

Jack Dunham, Statutory Definitions Of Value - Definitions Of Value - Valuation Of Land Act Valuation Of Land Act State Of Victoria State Of Victoria

Craig Ellis, Patrick J. Wilson And Ralf Zurbruegg, Real Estate ‘Value’ Stocks And International Diversification

Dr Chris Eves, Planned Residential Community Developments: Do They Add Value? Refereed

Dr Chris Eves, Residential Sales By Auction: A Property Type Or Geographic Consideration

Evan Gamby And Amanda Lynn, Pushing The Boundaries An Exploration Of The Role Of E-Commerce In The Evolution Of Property Management Refereed

Gary Garner, The Inter-Relationship Between Housing And Health Outcomes Refereed

Ge, X. J., Poon, K. M. And Boon, J., Factors Associated With The Recovery Of Housing Prices In Hong Kong Refereed

Bob Hargreaves And Song Shi, A Total Returns Index For Investor Housing In New Zealand Refereed

Dr Carolyn Hayles, An Examination Of The Relationship Between Sustainability And Affordability In Residential Housing Markets Refereed

Carolyn S Hayles, Kathryn Robson And Sarah E Holdsworth, A Case Study From Rmit: Introducing Property Undergraduates To The Immediate Issues Of Housing Sustainability And Affordability Within Australia And New Zealand Refereed

M J Hefferan, Changing Demand For Office Accommodation By Contemporary Knowledge-Intensive Firms

Dr. David M. Higgins, Positioning Commercial Property In The Australian Investment Market Refereed

Philip Kimmet, Theoretical Foundations For Integrating Sustainability In Property Investment Appraisal

Dr. Rohit Kishore, Theory Of Behavioural Finance And Its Application To Property Market: A Change In Paradigm

Rob Kooymans And Paul Haylock, Post Occupancy Evaluation And Workplace Productivity Refereed

Peter Koulizos, Property Education: How Should It Be Taught?

Valerie Kupke, Bench Marking Creativity

Peddy, Pi-Ying, Lai And Dominique Fischer, Artificial Neural Networks And Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal

Chyi Lin Lee, Jon Robinson And Richard Reed, An Exploration Of The Relationship Between Size And Risk In A Downside Risk Framework Applied To Malaysian Property Shares

Ying Li And Seow Eng Ong, Market Timing Behavior Of The Secondary Equity Offerings Of Reits Refereed

Tzu-Chin Lin And Chi-Mei Lin, Assessing Land And Structure Values In A Mass-Appraisal Framework

Lin, Tzu-Chin, Price Prediction For Residential Properties Consistent With Sales Comparison Approach

Anna-Liisa Lindholm And Karen M. Gibler, Measuring The Added Value Of Corporate Real Estate Management

Stellan Lundstrom And Christina Gustafsson, Valuation Variation – Result From A Repeated Experiment

Kf Man And Kw Chau, Is The Existence Of Property Cycles Consistent With The Efficient Market Hypothesis?

Kf Man, Angel Ng, An Empirical Analysis Of Valuation Accuracy And Variation – Hong Kong Evidence

Mangioni, Valuing The Purchase Price Of Property – Is The Purchase Price Of Property The Best Evidence Of Value? Refereed

Graeme Newell And John Macfarlane, The Accuracy Of Property Forecasting In Australia

Graeme Newell And Hsu Wen Peng, The Significance Of Emerging Property Sectors In Property Portfolios

Graeme Newell, The Significance Of Property In Industry-Based Superannuation Funds In Australia

Claire Roberts And Vivienne Spurge , A Comparative Study Of Broadband Technology In Rural Areas: The Availability And Use By Small Office Occupiers And The Effectiveness Of Use For E-Commerce.

Peter Rossini And Paul Kershaw, Developing A Weekly Residential Price Index Using The Sales Price Appraisal Ratio Refereed

Peter Rossini And Paul Kershaw, Can A Hybrid Automated Valuation Model Outperform Individually Assessed Capital And Site Values. Refereed

M. Badri Rozali And A. Husni Hamzah, The Performance Of Listed Property Trusts In Malaysia: An Empirical Investigation

Ian Scarman And Rob Kooymans, Australian Federal Government Property Sales 1996-2001- Issues That Won’T Go Away Refereed

John Sheehan, Flawed Property Rights: The Aftermath Of Colonialism

Jenny Shellard, Ric Lombardo And John Flaherty, Modelling Dimensions Of Height And View At Melbourne’S Docklands

Song Shi, Total Returns Analysis For The Auckland And Wellington Apartment Markets

Small, Myopia And Methodology In Property Economics

Daniela Spirkova And Koloman Ivanicka, 15 Years Of Real Estate Markets In Visegrad Countries And Beyond Refereed

Simon Stevenson And Tony Mcgough, Exploring The Intra-Metropolitan Dynamics Of The London Office Market

C. Susilawati And L. Armitage, Housing Organisations In Australia And The Netherlands: A Comparative Analysis Refereed

Susilawati, Connie And Lin, Vickey Chiu-Chin, Case Analysis Of Auction Market In Brisbane Housing System Refereed

Hao Tan Rae Weston And Yiming Tang, Applying The Miles And Snow’S Business Strategy Typology To China’S Real Estate Development Industry: A Research Framework Refereed

Stephen Thode, On The Appraisal Of Residential Properties Near Undesirable Land Uses Refereed

Ting Kien Hwa, Corporate Real Estate Holding And Impact On Firm Returns Refereed

Ting Kien Hwa, Annuar Md Nassir, Graeme Newell And Taufiq Hassan, Wealth Effects Of Corporate Real Estate Disposals: Impact Of The Asian Financial Crisis Refereed

Asst. Prof. Dr.Sonthya Vanichvatana, Relationship Between Building Characteristics And Rental To Support Serviced Apartment Investment Refereed

Sara J Wilkinson And Richard G Reed, Office Buildings And The Environment – The Increasing Importance Of Esd Refereed

Wong Siu Kei, Chau Kwong Wing, Yau Yung And Cheung Alex King Chung , Floor-Level Premiums In High-Rise And Low-Rise Buildings Refereed

Hao Wu, Richard Reed, Jon Robinson, The 1990S Property Cycle In Hainan Refereed

Yau, Y., Wong, S.K., Cheung, A.K.C., Chau, K.W. And Ho, D.C.W., An Empirical Study On The Neighbourhood Effect Of Refurbishment Refereed

Yiu C.Y., Tang, B.S., Chiang, Y.H. And Choy, L.H.T., Appraisal Bias In Land Premium Valuation Refereed

Wu Yue, The Development Of Reits In Asia

Dr Patrick X.W. Zou, Hossein Darvish, And Dr Jinu Kim, How Do Students View Group Assignments In Real Estate And Property Development Studies? Refereed

Dr Patrick. X.W. Zou, Dr Guomin Zhang And Professor Jia-Yuan Wang, Identifying Key Risks In Construction Projects: Life Cycle And Stakeholder Perspectives Refereed