Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2008
The 14th Annual Conference of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society 
 Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia January 20 – 23, 2008

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PRRES Conference - 2008, Keynote Speakers

Deputy Minister of Higher Education, YB. Datuk Ong Tee Keat

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Michael Smith
Managing Director, Head of Asian Real Estate
Investment Banking Division

Michael joined Goldman Sachs as Managing Director and Head of Asia ex-Japan Real Estate Investment Banking in 2006 with 16 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific real estate markets. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Michael was Head of Asian Real Estate Investment Banking for a large European Bank.

Michael is acknowledged as a pioneer in the Asian REIT industry and serves many industry and regulatory advisory boards. Michael’s transaction experience includes IPOs for the Link REIT, Regal REIT and Mapletree Logistics Trust as well as capital raisings for CapitaMall Trust, A-REIT, Fortune REIT and Mapletree Logistics Trust. Michael has also been involved in major capital raisings for some of Asia's leading real estate development companies including Sun Hung Kai, Kerry Properties, Sino Ocean, Soho China, Shimao and Yanlord.

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Mr. Lim Ye Jhen
Hektar Asset Management Sdn. Bhd.

Reviewing REIT Performance with a case study on a retail REIT

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Delegate Papers

Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Professor Yu Shi Ming from the National University of Singapore.  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and final publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.

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Adewunmi Yewande And Olusegun Ogunba, Facilities Management And The Estate Surveyor And Valuer: An Investigation Of Attitudes Of Nigerian Estate Surveyors' Refereed

Yasmin Mohd Adnan And Ainoriza Mohd Aini, "Tenants’ Occupation And Satisfaction Of Selected Purpose Built Office Buildings In Central Business District (Cbd), Kuala Lumpur."

Yasmin Mohd Adnan And Aniza Abdul Aziz, Incorporation Of Innovative Passive Architectural Features In Office Building Design Towards Achieving Operational Cost Saving–

Hera Antoniades, Strata Living And The 10 Year Sinking Fund Plan

Sven Bienert, Christoph Wagger, David Steixner, Models To Evaluate The Quantitative Effects Of Climate Change On Real Estate Markets

Henning Bjornlund, Sarah Wheeler And Martin Shanahan, Supply And Demand Elasticity Of Irrigationion Water - Implications For Water Markets Refereed

Henning Bjornlund And Peter Rossini, Are The Fundamentals Emerging For More Sophisticated Water Market Instruments Refereed

Sandy Bond, The Impact Of Feng Shui On Condominium Prices

Nelson Chan, How Australia Deals With Land Acquisition Compensation For Land Subject To A Leasehold Title Refereed

Chau Kwong Wing And A S W Chan, The Determinants Of Industrial Property Prices During Period Of Economic Restructuring - The Case Of Hong Kong Refereed

Chee Seng Cheong, Ralf Zurbruegg And Patrick J Wilson, The Long-Run Performance And Driving Forces Of Securitised Listed Property Refereed

Fong-Yao Chen And Shi-Ming Yu, Client Influence On Valuation: Does Language Matter? A Comparative Analysis Between Taiwan And Singapore

Chia Fah Choy, Productive Efficiency Of Malaysian Construction Sector

Cassidy I-Chih Lan, "(Mandarin Paper) Urban Competitiveness, Urban Regeneration, And Mega-Project: A Perspective Of Urban-Regional Governance In Greater Taipei"

Bwembya Chikolwa, Determinants Of Listed Property Trust Bond Ratings: Australian Evidence

Lawrence Chin Kein Hoong, Facility Management In Singapore:Training And Education

Greg Costello And Greg Schwann, Liquidity In Housing Markets - Market Momentum And Market Reversion

William Dimovski, Lpt Ipo Dividend Forecasts.

Christ Eves, The Impact Of Property Title Type On Residential Property Returns

Farag Hussan Gaith, Abdulkhalim Abdulrashed And Amiruddin Ismail, An Empirical Investigation For Exploring It Factors And Firm Performance In Malaysian Construction Sector Refereed

Dominique Fischer, Evolution With A Teleology: The Genetic Programming Heuristic Approach To Modeling Refereed

Dominique Fischer And Peddy Pi-Ying Lai, Land Price Modeling With Genetic Algorithms And Artificial Neural Network Procedures Refereed

Dominique Fischer, Mani Usilappan And Nassir Bin Daud, Risk Adjusted Performance: From Dust To Paper

Dominique Fischer, Multiple Criteria Decisions: Opening The Black Box

Berry Fong-Chung Hsu, Douglas Arner And Qun Wan, Financial Reform In China:The Problematic Aspects Of Protecting Creditor Right

Michael K. Fung And Arnold C. S. Cheng, The Wealth Effects Of Housing And Stock Markets On Consumption: Evidence From A Sample Of Developed And Developing Countries Refereed

Bob Hargreaves, A Plan To Ease Rents And House Prices

Barry P. Haynes, Office Environments That Enable Human Contribution

Barry P. Haynes, Office Productivity: A Self Assessed Approach To Office Evaluation Refereed

David M. Higgins, Commingled Four Quadrant Property Funds: Creating An Investment Framework Refereed

Angelo Karantonis, Population Growth And Housing Affordability In The Modern City- Sydney A Case Study Refereed

Paul Kershaw And Peter Rossini, A Simplified Geographical Information System (Gis) For The Valuation Profession

Philip Kimmet, Redefining Sustainable Real Estate Investment

Valerie Kupke, Factors Important In The Decision To Buy A First Home Refereed

Valerie Kupke, Measuring Urban Renewal Outcomes Refereed

T.H.Kwa, An Investigation Of The Effects Of Single-Family Rental Properties On Housing Values Within Single-Family Neighborhoods In A University Town Refereed

Peddy Pi-Ying Lai, The Study Of Evaluation Of The Digital House Price In Taiwan

Lee Chyi Lin, Richard Reed And Jon Robinson, Behaviour Of Property Investors - An Investigation On The Risk Perceptions Of Australian Property Funds Managers Refereed

Ming-Long Lee, Non-Diversifiable Risk And Quantity Discounts In Urban Land Markets

Lim Yoke Mui, Lee Lik Meng, Nor'Aini Yusof And Tan Sook Fern, Georgetown As A Heritage City : The Voice Of The Residents

Vince Mangioni, Just Terms Compensation And The Compulsory Acquisition Of Land Refereed

Vince Mangioni, The Property Profession And Evolving Financial Service Reforms In Australia - An Industry Perspective Refereed

David Martin Juanil And Muhammad Najib Razali, Real Estate Global Competition: The Importance Of Governance From Real Estate Prespectives In Malaysia

John Mcdonagh, The Development Of Corporate Real Estate Asset Management In New Zealand Refereed

Georgia Myers, Richard Reed And Jon Robinson , Investor Perception Of The Business Case For Sustainable Office Buildings: Evidence From New Zealand

Muhammad Najib Razali And David Martin Juanil, Internet Business Strategy: Case Study Of Property Developers In Malaysia Refereed

Elias Oikarinen, The Two-Way Interaction Between Housing Prices And Household Borrowing In Finland Refereed

Geoffrey Page, Australian Graduates' Perspective Of Their Professional Socialization Refereed

Elli Pagourtzi, Vassilios Assimakopoulos, Akrivi Litsa, And Fotios Petropoulos., The Advanced Forecasting Information System Pythia: An Application In Time Series Of Mortgage Loan In Uk Refereed

Pu Lifen, Basel Ii And Its Impact On Property Market In Hksar

Kathryn Robson, "Juggling The Needs Of Students And Employers In The Workplace Arena: A Discussion Of The Future Direction Of The Work Experience Program, Within Property/Valuation Education At Rmit University, Melbourne" Refereed

Roselina Shakir, "Board Size, Board Composition And Property Firm Performance"

Peter Rossini And Paul Kershaw, Automated Valuation Model Accuracy: Some Empirical Testing Refereed

Steven Rowley And Claire Roberts, The Impact Of Landscape Quality On Land Values And Development/Investment Decisions

John Sheehan And Ona Kanas, Carbon Property Rights In Soil

Garrick Small, Development Implications Of Long Term Social Trends

Song Shi, Evaluating A House Price Index Based On The Sale Price Appraisal Ratio (Spar) Method

Sonia Sahni And Prachi Phadnis, Real Estate Sector - The India Story

Cyrus Seera Ssebugenyi, Valuation Of Real Options Using The Minimal Entropy Martingale Measure Refereed

Connie Susilawati, Brigid Morahan And Stanley Yeung,, Comparative Assessment Of Characteristics Influencing The Industrial Property Markets In Sydney And Hong Kong Refereed

Mohammad Tahir Sabit Haji Mohammad, Sustaining The Means Of Sustainability: The Need For Accepting Wakaf (Waqf) Assets In Malaysian Property Market

Ting Kien Hwa And Tan Chu Yao, The Role Of Malaysian Residential Properties In A Mixed Asset Portfolio

Richard G. Reed And Sara J. Wilkinson , The Business Case For Incorporating Sustainability In Office Buildings

Peter Wills, "The Sustainability Agenda In Corporate Real Estate, Does It Exist"

Christopher Wright, Christopher Eves And Rodney Jefferies, Bubble Geometry And Chaotic Pricing Behaviour Refereed

Ting Xu, "Heterogeneity In Housing Attribute Prices: An Interaction Approach Between Housing Attributes, Absolute Location And Household Characteristics" Refereed

Sharon Yam Lee Hong, Maziah Ismail, Tan Soo Yin,, Corporate Social Responsibility In Housing Development - The Developers’ Perspective Refereed

Wan Zahari Wan Yusoff And Maziah Ismail, Fm-Servqual: A New Approach Of Service Quality Measurement Framework In Local Authorities

Zaiton Ali,Stanley Mcgreal, Alastair Adair And James R. Webb, Corporate Real Estate Strategy: The Malaysian Perspective Refereed

Chyi Lin Lee And Ting Kien Hwa, Securitised Real Estate In A Mixed-Asset Portfolio: The Case Of Malaysia

Patricia Fraser, Martin Hoesli And Lynn Mcalevey, A Comparative Analysis Of House Prices And Bubbles In The U.K. And New Zealand