Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2009
The 15th Annual Conference of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society 
 Sydney, Australia, January 18-21, 2009

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PRRES Conference - 2009, Keynote Speakers


Professor Bob Hargreaves is Professor of Property at Massey University, New Zealand. Bob has a distinguished academic career in property and has focused his applied property research in the area of housing market analysis. Bob has actively contributed to PRRES over many years and has published widely in the various property research journals in New Zealand and internationally. He has strong links to the property industry via the Property Institute of New Zealand. Bob’s contributions to property education and research have been widely recognised, with Bob receiving the 2004 PRRES Achievement Award. Bob’s keynote address is on "The Housing Puzzle".


Barry Brakey has recently joined the Australian Government Future Fund as Head of Property to implement the Fund’s global property mandate. Prior to this, he was operating his own property advisory business. He was responsible for over $4 billion of property invested both domestically and globally for a number of government, industry and corporate superannuation and investment funds. Barry is also a past National President of the Australian Property Institute and has a wide involvement in property industry issues. Barry’s keynote address is on "Property Investment in the Current Investment Environment".


PRRES Conference - 2009, Industry Day Presentations
Barry Brakey, Head of Property, Future Fund - Property Investment in the Current Investment Environment
Kevin Stanley, Executive Director - CBRE Research and Consulting, CBRE -
The Outlook for Property Markets: AUS and Offshore

David Rees, Regional Director, Head of Research (Australasia), JLL - Investing in Direct Property
John Freedman, Senior Property Analyst, UBS - The Evolution and Outlook for the REIT Sector
Peter Studley, Head of Research, DEXUS - The Pricing and Risk Profile of REIT's
John Garimort, Director New Zealand/Australia, Client Management, IPD - Property Derivatives
Scott Mrogan, Australian Direct Property Investment Association - The State of the Retail Market
Anita Mitchell, Head of Energy and Sustainability Strategy Asia Pacific, JLL-The Greening of Property
Rowan Griffin,  Head of Sustainability, CFS - Sustainability and Property Asset Management
Jennifer Johnstone Kaiser, Head of Property Research, Mercer -
What are investors seeking from Sustainability?

Andrea Egert, Woods Bagot - Sustainability Aspects with the Built Environment

Delegate Papers

Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Professor Graeme Newell from the University of Western Sydney.  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and final publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.

Yasmin Mohd Adnan And Md Nasir Daud And Ibrahim Mohd @ Ahmad And Aniza Abd Aziz, Criteria For The Classification Of Purpose Built Of Office Buildings In Malaysia

Hera Antoniades, A Preliminary Study On The Use Of Forensic Accounting Techniques To Determine Property Agency Trust Accounting Compliance Refereed

Andrea Blake And Connie Susilawati, Property Education: An Evaluation Of How Well Undergraduate Property Students Are Prepared For Commencing Their Careers Refereed

Sandy Bond, A Tale Of Two Windy Cities-Public Attitutdes Towards Wind Farm Development.

Steven C. Bourassa And Eva Cantoni And Martin Hoesli, Predicting House Prices With Spatial Dependence: A Comparison Of Alternative Methods

Boydell And Sheehan, Beyond The Bundle: Expanding Our Understanding Of Contemporary Property Rights

Nelson Chan, Revisiting The Valuation Of Contaminated Land In Australia Refereed

K.W. Chau And Ervi Liusman, The Effect Of Land Supply Restriction On The Risk Of Hong Kong Indirect Real Estate

Fong-Yao Chen And Jen-Hsu Liang And Shi-Ming Yu And Ching-Wen, Lai , Appraisal Smoothing And Appraisers’ Partial Adjustment Behavior---Evidence From Taiwan Reits?

Bwembya Chikolwa, Determinants Of Capital Structure For A-Reits

Sarah Cornish And Richard G. Reed And Sara J. Wilkinson, An Analysis Of New Technology In The Delivery Of Property Education Refereed

Greg Costello And Steven Rowley, Land Supply And Housing Affordability

William Dimovski, The Underpricing Of Lpt Ipo'S In Australia During 2002 To 2008.

Alan W Evans, Paradoxes In The Provision Of Affordable Housing In Britain

Chris Eves, Csi Lincoln: An Investigation Into A Declining Housing Market

Farahwaheeda Shukur And Noriah Othman And Abdul Hadi Nawawi And Ting Kien Hwa, The Important Of Park To Residential Property Buyers

R M Fortes And I A Mccarthy, Renovate For Profit An Exploratory Residential Case Study In New Zealand Refereed

Gary Owen Garner, Implications Of “State Significant Projects” In Queensland Refereed

Gibler And Taltavull, Segmenting The Retiree Housing Market Using Preferences

Bob Hargreaves, Is New Zealand Facing A Baby Boomer Housing Bust? Refereed

, Constructing An Investment Return Series For The Uk Unlisted Infrastructure Market: Estimation And Application

Barry P Haynes And Nick Nunnington, An Evaluation Of Corporate Real Estate Teaching In The United Kingdom Refereed

Mike Hefferan And Terry Boyd, Property Taxation And Mass Appraisal Valuations In Australia – Adapting To A New Environment

Christopher Heywood, Russell Kenley And Duncan Waddell, The Cre Toolbox: Addressing Persistent Issues In Corporate Real Estate Management Refereed

David Higgins And Boon Ng, Australian Securitised Property Funds: An Examination Of Their Risk-Adjusted Performance

David M. Higgins, Australian Securitised Property Funds: Tracking Error Analysis And Investment Styles Refereed

Daniel C.W. Ho And K.W. Chau And Yung Yau, Unauthorized Building Works – Does Building Management Regime Matters?

Huang, Yikun And Dr. Ge, Xin Janet, House Prices And The Collapse Of The Stock Market In Mainland China: An Empirical Study On House Price Index Refereed

Rodney L Jefferies, A Brief History And Development Of 'Real Value' Valuation Models - The Last Four Decades

Seung-Young Jeong And Jinu Kim, A Study Of Retail Rents With Var Model (In South Korea) Refereed

Ernie Jowsey And John Grant, Greening The Existing Housing Stock

Harry M. Karamujic, A Classification Of Home Loan Products In Australia Refereed

Angelo Karantonis, The Underlying Fundamentals Of Housing Affordability: The Sydney Dynamics Refereed

Valerie Kupke, Key Workers And Housing Affordability

Valerie Kupke And Peter Rossini, "Tracking Neighbourhood Change: Establishing The Links Between Change In Neighbourhood Social Structure, Built Form And Housing Market Performance" Refereed

Kwame Addae-Dapaah And Lee Peiying, Investing In Reits: Contrarian Versus Momentum

Lai, Ying And Ge, Xin Janet , "Media’S Influences On Purchasing Of Real Estate --- Case Of Guangzhou, China" Refereed

Chyi Lin Lee, Downside Beta And Appraisal Based Real Estate Returns Refereed

Chyi Lin Lee, Housing Price Volatility And Its Determinants

Ming-Long Lee, Inflation-Hedging Properties Of Equity Reits: Before And After The 1990S Structure Break

Stephen Lee And David M. Higgins, Sharpe Performance By Australian Property

Stephen L. Lee, The Extent Of Convergence In Asian Real Estate Markets

Michael Y. Mak And L. Stephen Edmonds, The Effectiveness Of Landcom’S Housing Affordability Objectives For Moderate Income Households – A Case Study In Western Sydney Refereed

Vince Mangioni, The Evolution Of The ‘Public Purpose Rule’ In Compulsory Acquisition Referred Paper Refereed

John Mcdonagh, Critical Success Factors In Land Development In New Zealand Part 1 Refereed

Sussie Morrish And Deborah Levy And Zhi Dong, The Role Of Property In An Entrepreneur’S Sme Portfolio

Abdul Jalil Omar & Christopher A. Heywood, Corporate Real Estate Management Internal Branding: Closing The Gap With Its Customers Refereed

Geoff Page, Non Urban Land Use-Why We Should Include In Curriculum

Geoff Page, Sustainability In Undergraduate Property Courses Refereed

David Parker, Areit Investment Strategy: A Desktop Review

David Parker, Impact Of Board Composition On Australian Reit Performance

Richard G. Reed, The Increasing Use Of Reverse Mortgages By Older Households Refereed

Sophie Riley And Grace Li, Serviced Strata Schemes: Real Property Or A Financial Product? Refereed

Peter Rossini, Improving Student Engagement Through Tracking Student Interactions With Online Materials

Garrick Small, Climate Change And Property Value

Garrick Small, "Jekyll, Hyde And Property Value"

Connie Susilawati, Can Risk Management Boost The Supply Of Affordable Housing Development And Management? Refereed

Connie Susilawati And Andrea Blake, Multidisciplinary Students On Property Core Units: Comparative Analysis Of Introductory And Advanced Units Refereed

Pong-Kuang Tseng And Che-Ming Chiang And Hsueh-Yen Hu And Chau-Yau Chen, Categories Of Building Violations And Environmental Externalities - Empirical Observation In Taiwan

Sonthya Vanichvatana, Geographical Area And Economic Behavior Of Potential Buyers For Condominium Units Along Mass Rapid Transit Lines: The Case Of Bangkok (2004 – 2008) Refereed

Clive M J Warren, Who Needs A Green Star?

Sara J Wilkinson And Kimberley James And Richard Reed, Delivering Sustainability Through The Adaptive Reuse Of Commercial Buildings: The Melbourne Cbd Challenge. Refereed

Hao Wu And S K Wong And Keith Mckinnell And Richard Reed And Jon Robinson, Commercial Property Markets And Property Cycles In Chinese Cities

Lee Hong Sharon Yam And Maziah Ismail, Corporate Social Responsibility In Malaysia Housing Developments House-Buyers’ Perspectives Refereed

Lee Hong Sharon Yam And Paul Burger, Student Engagement & A Teacher’S Self: A Case Study Of Inclusive Teaching Refereed

Azlina Binti Md. Yassin, Prof. Chris Eves And John Mcdonagh, Waterfront Development For Residential Property In Malaysia

Simon Y. Yau And Daniel Chi Wing Ho, Value Enhancement Effects Of Building Management Practices: A Preliminary Study In Hong Kong