Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2010
The 16th Annual Conference of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society 
 Wellington, New Zealand, January 24-27, 2010

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Dr Terence (Terry) Boyd spent his working career equally between the property industry and academia. He started practice as a property valuer and portfolio analyst in South Africa. He was a major shareholder and director of Russell, Marriott and Boyd Trust. In 1986 he changed to the academic field where he progressed from lecturer to professor within 8 years. Since retiring as Professor of Property Economics at QUT, he has continued his research into property education and authentic learning environments and is contracted to, inter alia, Queensland Government, the private sector, CQ University, University of the Sunshine Coast and the University of the Philippines Open University. He lives on the Queensland Sunshine Coast and believes firmly in a balanced lifestyle which he currently enjoys.

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Managing Director, Investment Property Databank – AUS/NZ Anthony joined IPD in October 2009. IPD (Investment Property Databank) is the world leader in performance analysis for the owners, investors, managers and occupiers of real estate. Anthony is responsible for the delivery of products and services which include: real estate performance analysis; market indices; research publications; and events and training. Prior to this role Anthony held a variety of roles including; the Head of Research at Colonial First Global Asset Management (2003-2009) and of Head of Research with Lend Lease Real Estate Investments Ltd (1998-2002). Anthony has over 10 years experience in various research roles. Anthony is involved in client presentations and seminars. Anthony is also involved in the education programs of the Property Council of Australia (PCA) and other industry and educational institutions. Anthony has a PhD in economics from UNSW with a strong quantitative background.

Delegate Papers

Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees appointed by the PRRES Board and the Conference organisers.  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

Kwame Addae-Dapaah And Chin Yun Jiao, Defensiveness Of Us Equity Reits

Kwame Addae-Dapaah And Yu Siew Lan, Shopping Centres And The Price Of Proximate Residential Properties

David Emanuel Andersson, Oliver F. Shyr, Tai-Wei Huang, And Jamie C. Wang, A Tale Of Two Cities - How Transit Accessibility And The Financial Crisis Affected The Price Of Commercial Properties In Taipei And Kaohsiung

Hera Antoniades, A Preliminary Study Of The Proposed National Licensing System For Property Agents Trust Accounts Refereed

Azlina Binti Md. Yassin & Prof. Chris Eves & John Mcdonagh, An Evolution Of Waterfront Development In Malaysia Refereed

Bjornlund, H. And Rossini, P., "Climate Change, Water Scarcity And Water Markets: Implications For Farmers’ Wealth And Farm Succession" Refereed

Sandy Bond, Best Of The Best In Green Design: Drivers And Barriers To Sustainable Development In Australia

Lyndall Bryant, Constraints To Cost Effective Land Supply

Judith Callanan, An Update On The Latest Literature – The Effect Of High Voltage Transmission Lines On Property Values.

Nelson Chan And Norman Harker, Dual Rate Taxed Valuation: A More Rational Approach

Nelson Chan, Property Taxes And Fees – A Tale Of Two Cities

Fong-Yao Chen And Jen-Hsu Liang, Are Appraisers Rational? — Evidence From T-Reits

Bwembya Chikolwa, Dislodgement Of Commercial Property Public Debt Markets: The Case Of U.S. And Australia Refereed

Lawrence Chin, Phd And Fong Shao Hui, Percentage Leases In Singapore’S Shopping Centres

Nor Nazihah Chuweni, Rohaya Abdul Ghani And Ting Kien Hwa, An Analysis Of The Relationship Between Rental Growth And Capital Values Of Office Spaces

Ian Clarkson, Rural Valuation Education: Taking City To The Country

Greg Costello, Land Leverage Dynamics In The Perth Housing Market Refereed

Greg Costello And Ferdinand Preller, Property Development Principles And Process - An Industry Analysis Refereed

Lucy Cradduck And Andrea Blake, Dealing With Unique Interests In Crown Land: A Queensland Perspective Refereed

Simon A. De Garis, "Rural Managed Investment Schemes In Victoria, Australia: The Demise Of Timbercorp."

Peter Elliott, Simon Huston And Hoon Han, Homeowner Risk Appetite In A Growing Metropolis Refereed

Gary Garner, Approaches For Calculation Of Holding Costs In The Context Of Greenfield Residential Development Refereed

Bob Hargreaves And Iona Mccarthy, Is New Zealand Farm Land Worth What It Will Produce?

Mike Hefferan And Mr. Stuart Ross, Forces For Change In Property Education And Research In Australia Refereed

J-Han Ho, Steven Rowley And Greg Costello, "From Nomads To Settlers: Scenario Analysis As A Guide For First Home Owners In Renting Versus Buying A Home In Perth, Western Australia."

Tai-Wei Huang, Oliver F. Shyr And David Emanuel Andersson, "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – The Successes And Failures Of Transit – Oriented – Development In Taiwan During The Financial Crisis"

Neville Hurst And Richard Reed, Residential Auction Clearance Rates – What Do They Really Mean? Refereed

Rodney L Jefferies, Real Valuation For Real Estate? - A Comparison Of Conventional And Real Value Models

Seung-Young Jeong And Jinu Kim, Determinants Of Goodwill In Retail Properties In Seoul Refereed

Angelo Karantonis, Is There A Relationship Between Price And New Construction In The Residential Markets Of Australia? A Preliminary Finding. Refereed

Valerie Kupke, Tony Lockwood & Peter Rossini, Locating Community Housing Across A Metropolitan Area Refereed

Valerie Kupke, Peter Rossini, & Stanley Mcgreal, A Multivariate Study Of Medium Density Housing Development And Neighbourhood Change Within Australian Cities Refereed

Francis Pf Lai, Dulani Halvitigala, John Boon, Roger Birchmore, How Can Bim Technology Assist In Optimising The Life Cycle Cost Of A Building? Refereed

Ming-Long Lee, Shew-Huei Kuo, Ming-Te Lee And Chia-Wei Lin, Market Signals Associated With Taiwan Reits Ipos

Chyi Lin Lee, A Survey Into The Use Of Derivatives By Australian Property Funds Refereed

Chyi Lin Lee, An Examination Of Volatility Dynamics In Australian Reit Futures Refereed

Rita Yi Man Li & Prof. Kwong Wing Chau, "An Empirical Study Of Brand Name, Land Costs, Income And Housing Availability’S Impact On Residential Fittings In Hangzhou, China" Refereed

Max Y. Li And Ho, Kim Hin David, A Parametric Model Of The Ex Ante Direct Real Estate Risk And Return Estimation

Rita Yi Man Li & Prof. Kwong Wing Chau, On The Road To Sustainable Well-Furnished Flats In Shanghai: Lessons Learnt From Hong Kong And Sydney Refereed

Tzu – Chin Lin, Tearing Down Buildings In A City Hungry For Land

Tzu – Chin Lin, Valuation Of A Condominium Site In Multi – Ownership

Daniel Yet Fhang Lo, Urbanization And Economic Growth: Testing For Causality Refereed

Michael Y Mak, Willy D Sher, Anthony P Williams, Students’ Evaluation Of An Online Postgraduate Property Program Refereed

Vince Mangioni, Urban Cleansing And Renewal Redefining The Principles Of Compensation In Compulsory Acquisition Refereed

Kf Man And Cm Mak, Effect Of Road Traffic Noise On Housing Price - Hong Kong Evidence

Patricia Fraser, Martin Hoesli And Lynn Mcalevey, "House Prices, Disposable Income, And Permanent And Temporary Shocks"

Brett Mcauliffe,, Valuation Methods For Resident Funded Retirement Villages In Australia: A Practitioner’S Perspective Refereed

Iona Mccarthy, The Role Of A Viva Voce (Oral Examination) For Property Students

John Mcdonagh, "Critical Success Factors In Land Development In New Zealand Part 2 - Planning, Team Member Selection, Project Management, Sales And Marketing Methods"

John Mcdonagh & P.Brent Nahkies, Heritage Building Preservation – The Ultimate In Green Building?

Md Nasir Daud, Yasmin Mohd Adnan, Ibrahim Mohd @ Ahmad And Aniza Abd Aziz, Constructing The Model For Malaysia’S Office Classification

Thi Kim Nguyen, The Significance And Performance Of Listed Property Companies In Vietnam Refereed

Tatsuo Oi, Corporate Real Estate Management In Japan

Abdul Jalil Omar & Christopher A. Heywood, Corporate Real Estate Management’S (Crem) Positioning Status: Exploration Of The Pcdl Model In Practice Refereed

Geoff Page, Farmers Markets –Establishment & Operational Considerations Refereed

David Parker, Reit Investment Decision Making: A Multi Step Process? Refereed

Christopher Ratcliffe & William Dimovski & Monica Keneley, Mergers And Acquisitions Within The A-Reit Sector Refereed

Lozelle Reed And T.E. Kleynhans, The Highest And Best Use Of Agricultural Land In A Multifunctional Land Market – Evidence From South Africa

Professor Richard Reed And Georgia Warren-Myers, Is Sustainability The 4Th Form Of Obsolescence?

Peter Rossini & Valerie Kupke, Introducing The Use Of Assessment Based Indicators Of Capital And Site Value To Measure The Economic Benefits Of Urban Renewal Refereed

Peter Rossini, Valerie Kupke, Paul Kershaw And Stanley Mcgreal, "Time On Market Indicators For Adelaide, South Australia" Refereed

Steven Rowley And Greg Costello, The Impact Of Land Supply On Prices: A Sub-Market Analysis Refereed

Felix Schindler, Nico Rottke, And Roland Fuss, Testing The Predictability And Efficiency Of Securitized Real Estate Markets Refereed

John Sheehan, Indigenous Carbon Property Rights

Jane H. Simpson, John Mcdonagh, Financial Reporting On Corporate Real Estate: A Study Of The Annual Reports Of Non – Investment Companies Listed On The New Zealand Stock Exchange (Nzse)

Connie Susilawati And Lynne Armitage, Affordable Housing Solutions: Affordable Housing Providers’ Perspective Refereed

Clive M J Warren, The Role Of Corporate Real Estate Managers In Disaster And Business Continuity Planning Refereed

Hao Wu, Chyi Lin Lee And Nelson Chan, An Investment Approach To The Emerging Housing Markets In 2Nd Tier Chinese Cities Refereed

Hao Wu And Chuan Chen, "A Pilot Case Study Of Inner-City High – Density Housing On Brownfield In Chongqing, China" Refereed

Lee Hong Sharon Yam And Peter Rossini, Implementing A Project-Based Learning Approach In An Introductory Property Course

Lee Hong Sharon Yam, Tutoring Strategies To Engage First-Year Students In The Transition To University Learning: The Students’ Perspective Refereed

Chung-Hsien Yang, Vickey C. C. Lin, Ying–Hui Chiang And Ming-Fang Yu, A Hybrid Model For Long-Tailed Distribution Property

Yasmin Mohd Adnan Md Nasir Daud, "Identification Of Important Factors For Office Space Decision By Tenants In Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia – Experts’ View"