Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2011
17th Annual Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference

Gold Coast, Australia, January 16-19, 201


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Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees appointed by the PRRES Board and the Conference organisers.  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

Hera Antoniades, Regulatory Theory And Protection Of The Principal: White Collar Crime Fraud In Occupational Licensing For Property Agents Refereed

Kamalahasan Achu, Do Clients Influence Valuations Carried Out For Financial Reporting Purposes? Some Evidence From Malaysia

Azlina Binti Md. Yassin, Prof. Sandy Bond And Assc. Prof. John Mcdonagh, The Effectiveness Of The Riverfront Development Guidelines In Malaysia Refereed

Dr Bhishna Bajracharya, Dr. Iraphne Childs And Dr Peter Hastings, Climate Change Adaptation Through Land Use Planning And Disaster Management: Local Government Perspectives From Queensland Refereed

Andrea Blake And Prof Chris Eves, Valuers’ Liability: The Impact Of Torts Reform In Queensland Refereed

Bond, Pacifici And Newman, Sustainability In Housing

Steven Boyd, The Demise Of The Property Developers – A Review Of The Systemic Influences On The Sunshine Coast Refereed

Terry Boyd And Steven Boyd, Valuing The Land Component Of Improved Investment Property For Tax Purposes

Prof. Chris Eves And Lyndall Bryant, Sustainability And Mandatory Disclosure In Queensland An Assessment Of The Impact On Home Buyer Patterns Refereed

Greg Costello And Chris Leishman, Using Option Pricing Theory To Value Development Land Refereed

Lucy Cradduck, "Property, Planning And Purpose: Legal Concerns Facing Broadband Roll Out In Australia" Refereed

Dr. Zhi Dong, Foreign Exchange Rate And Capital Structure Decision

Professor Chris Eves, Tracking The Brisbane Residential Property Market: Post Gfc Refereed

Jeremy Gabe, Market Implications Of Operational Performance Variability In Certified Green Buildings Refereed

Dr Janet Xin Ge, "The Impacts Of Anti-Speculation Policies On House Price Movements: The Case Of Guangzhou, China" Refereed

Don Gilbert, Matching Market Demand To Supply Of Retail Space Via More Accurate Market Rental Valuations For More Efficient Development And Use Of Retail Space

Peter J Glynn, Dr Ros Taplin, Climate Change Related Labour Market Implications For The Construction Industry Refereed

M. H. Hanis, C. Susilawati And B. Trigunarsyah, Asset Identification: Addressing The Climate Change In Public Asset Management Process Refereed

Professor Michael J Hefferan, Changing Demands For Property Professional Service And Its Impact On Tertiary Courses – An Australian Study Refereed

Jukka Heinonen And Seppo Junnila, "Comparing Climate Change Effects Of Rural And Metropolitan Lifestyles, A Hybrid?Lca Approach" Refereed

Christopher Heywood, Daoren Lai And Eckhart Hertzsch, Normal - Sustainability Upgrades To Office Buildings: A Survey Across Australian Climatic Zones Refereed

Janine Irons And Lynne Armitage, "The Value Of Built Heritage: Community, Economy And Environment" Refereed

Angelo Karantonis, Is Australia Selling Off Its Real Estate? Refereed

Seung-Young Jeong And Jinu Kim, A Study Of Retail Property Prices In Seoul Refereed

Valerie Kupke, Peter Rossini And Sharon Yam, An Exploration Of Female Home Ownership Patterns In Australia Refereed

Valerie Kupke And Peter Rossini, An Exploratory Analysis Of Land And House Price Data Over Time Refereed

Matti Kuronen, Jukka Heinonen, Christopher Heywood, Seppo Junnila, Jukka Luoma-Halkola And Wisa Majamaa, Customerships In Urban Housing Redevelopment – A Case Study On Retrofitting A Suburb Refereed

Professor Craig Langston, On Archetypes And Building Adaptive Reuse Refereed

Chyi Lin Lee And Richard Reed, Volatility Decomposition Of Australian Housing Prices Refereed

Junxiao Liu And Kerry A. London, New Housing Supply And Residential Construction Costs In Australia: A Panel Ecm Approach Refereed

David Parker, Tony Lockwood And Wayne Marano, Mass Appraisal Certification Standards – The Spatial Dimension Refereed

Jarmila Machajdiková Daniela Špirková Janka Bábelová, The Historical Development Of Land Registration And Its Impact On Real Estate Development In The Central Europe With The Emphasis On Slovakia Refereed

Michael Y Mak And Clinton J Peacock, "Social Sustainability: A Comparison Of Case Studies In Uk, Usa And Australia" Refereed

Kf Man And Kw Chau, Does The Building Cycle Co-Move With Property Cycle – Empirical Evidence From Hong Kong Refereed

Kf Man, Sy Lau, Valuation Of Raw Land In Hong Kong- A Sequential Compound Option Approach Refereed

Vince Mangioni, Property Investment Advice Whos Who In The Investment Advice Zoo? Refereed

Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor & Chris Eves, Malaysia High-Rise Residential Property Management: 2004-2010 Trends & Scenario

Brett Mcauliffe, Implications Of The National Rental Affordability Scheme On The Valuation Of Residential Property Refereed

Mike Todd And John Mcdonagh, Solatium Payments For Public Works - An International Comparison Refereed

P.Brent Nahkies, Retrofitting – Cpr For The Central City?

Dr Daniel Ohare, The Development Of Knowledge Nodes And Health Hubs As Key Structuring Elements Of The Sustainable City Region Refereed

Timothy Oleary, Australian Residential Energy Standard Assessment And Rating Framework – A National Response For 2010/2011 Frameworks Refereed

Geoff Page, Successful Farmers Markets Refereed

Professor David Parker, Reit Investment Decision Making: A Practitioner Survey Refereed

Professor Richard Reed And Stefanie Forster-Kraus, Housing Affordability From A Global Perspective – A Comparison Between Housing Demography In Australia And Germany Refereed

Richard G. Reed, Sara J. Wilkinson And Georgia Warren-Myers, Energy Efficiency And Property Values: A Discussion Paper

Richard Reed, Sara Wilkinson, Anita Bilos And Karl-Werner Schulte, A Comparison Of International Sustainable Building Tools – An Update

Dr Kristy Richardson And Dr Leone Hinton, "A Bachelor Of Property, Attrition And Flex Students: A Preliminary Examination Of The Challenges Of Retaining Students" Refereed

Dr Steven Rowley And Professor Fiona Haslam-Mckenzie,, "Sustaining The 3Rs - Rural, Regional And Remote Housing Markets In Western Australia" Refereed

Dr Song Shi And Iona Mccarthy, Dairy Farmland Prices And Return Expectations In New Zealand

Dr Song Shi, Serial Persistence And Risk Structure Of Local Housing Market

Oliver F. Shyr, David E. Andersson, Wen-Jou Olivia Liu And Liang-Yu Wang, Impacts Of Transit Accessibility On Housing Prices In Three Asian Cities Refereed

Jane H. Simpson, The Investment Strategies Of Property Trusts And Property Investment Companies Listed On The New Zealand Stock Exchange (Nzx)

Connie Susilawati And Muhammad Al-Surf, Challenges Facing Sustainable Housing In Saudi Arabia: A Current Study Showing The Level Of Public Awareness Refereed

Dr. Connie Susilawati And Lynne Armitage, Understanding The Diversity Of Non-Specialised Units Within Australian Property Degrees Refereed

Tan, Teck-Hong, The Effect Of Homeownership Externalities On Housing Satisfaction Refereed

Pamela Wardner, Impacts Of Public Policy On Employment Centres Within Master Planned Communities In South East Queensland Refereed

Dr Nathalie Wharton And Ms Lucy Cradduck, Enabling Sustainable Property Practices By Ensuring Security Of Tenure Refereed

Sara J Wilkinson And Dr. Hilde T. Remřy., Sustainability And Within Use Office Building Adaptations: A Comparison Of Dutch And Australian Practices. Refereed

Sara J. Wilkinson, Professor Richard G. Reed And Junaidah Jailani, User Satisfaction In Sustainable Office Buildings: A Preliminary Study Refereed

Gavin Wood, Rachel Ong And Clinton Mcmurray, "Housing Tenure, Energy Expenditure And The Principal-Agent Problem In Australia" Refereed

Sharon Yam And Peter Rossini, Online Learning And Blended Learning: Which Is More Effective? Refereed

Laura Yao Huimin & Frederik Pretorius, Real Options Analysis: Empirical Testing Of Real Options In Residential Real Estate Development Refereed

Jia You, Hao Wu And Sun Sheng Han, Origin And Diversity? The Chinese Property Developer In The Nanjing Affordable Housing Market Refereed

Paul Zarebski And William Dimovski, Determinants Of Capital Structure Of A-Reits And The Global Financial Crisis

Hugh Zochling And Matthew Phipson, Reit Takeovers – An Evaluation Of Barriers To Activity Refereed