Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2012
18th Annual Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference

Adelaide, Australia, January 15-18, 2012

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PRRES Conference - 2012, Keynote Speakers

Andrew McANULTY CEO Mission Australia has amassed fifteen years experience with three diverse UK housing Associations and the Stonebridge housing Action Trust one of London’s most successful regeneration companies. Andrew took the helm of MA Housing in November 2009 with 97 homes in management. By June 2011 the organization had grown to 1,100 homes in management and anticipates growing to 1500 homes by December 2011 and 3000 in two years. Andrew’s experience will highlight the innovation and vision required to create cutting edge outcomes for projects which link Government, the private sector and the community housing sector – in order to actually deliver high quality affordable housing.
Natalya BOUJENKO Director Intermethod is a founder of Intermethod, is a strategic consultant specialising in integrated street design, city development and transport planning. Natalya’s portfolio spans a vast range of local and international projects and policy work in London, Birmingham, Belfast, Adelaide, Canberra, Port Augusta and Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. She has led a number of innovative projects and programmes focussed on integrating multi-modal street needs and developed bespoke methodologies in achieving 'streets for people' objectives. Natalya is currently engaged in a number of strategic street and transport studies as well as also developing a new Compendium for street design for South Australia.
Gilbert ROCHECOUSTE Managing Director Village Well is recognised both nationally and internationally as a leading voice in sustainable communities and businesses. His catalyst ideas have regenerated iconic places and enlivened many urban and rural communities. Gilbert has worked with hundreds of main streets and businesses over the past two decades to create more vibrant, connected and resilient communities. He is one of the world’s leading placemaking practitioners and passionately promotes living, playing and working in ways which support the cultural, social and environmental elements that are unique to each place. As one of the first Al Gore Climate Leaders, he sees the potential of placemaking to inspire a deeper environmental awareness and stewardship where people can make a difference both locally and globally.
Professor Stanley MCGREAL Director of the Built Environment Research Institute University of Ulster has researched widely into issues relating to housing, urban development and regeneration, planning, globalisation, property market performance, and investment. Professor McGreal has been involved in major research contracts funded by government departments and agencies, research councils, charities and the private sector. Analysis of housing, urban renewal strategies and regeneration outputs in the property sector and the investment market have been a central theme of this research with particular implications for policy.
Timothy Horton is the South Australian Commissioner for Integrated Design, providing independent advice to the Premier and Cabinet. The Integrated Design Commission is Australia’s first state level multidisciplinary design, cross-government advisory team. Timothy is an award winning architect and urban designer, with experience spanning the public and private sector in Australia and internationally. Common throughout has been a deep interest in civic space and the role for design in shaping human-centred urban policy. He has held positions as state President of the Australian Institute of Architects, has acted as a member of the editorial board for the Australian Urban Design Protocol and is currently a Board member of South Australia’s leading craft and design body, the Jam Factory.
Martin HAESE is presently General Manager of the Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA) and as Founder and Managing Director of Retail IQ has worked nationally and internationally as a retail advisor. Martin is a retail entrepreneur, retail thought leader and widely recognised champion of the retail industry. In 2010 the RMMA engaged Retail IQ to assist with the revitalization of the Rundle Mall precinct in Adelaide. Rundle Mall is the retailing heart of South Australia and is home to 700 retail stores, 200 serviced based businesses, 15 unique arcades and SA’s largest 3 department stores. It attracts in excess of 23 million pedestrian visitations per annum and remains the most concentrated place for pedestrian traffic in SA. Martin will be sharing the bold, innovative and purposeful steps that he has taken with Rundle Mall and how those strategies are transforming the precinct and stimulating property development, public engagement and greater retail market share.
David SMITH Director Residential Energy Efficiency Team Renewable and Energy Efficiency Division DCCEE Canberra will speak on Building sustainability assessment and mandatory disclosure regulations. 

Delegate Papers

Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Dr Valerie Kupke.  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

Hera Antoniades, Gst Perspectives And Real Property Refereed

Sandy Bond, Assessing Nz Householders’ Energy Use Behaviours: A Pilot Survey Refereed

Steven Boyd, Functional Learning For Property Students Refereed

L. E. Bryant And A. C. Eves, Infrastructure Charges And Increases To New House Prices: A Preliminary Analysis Of The Us Empirical Models Refereed

Chai Ning And Oh Dong Hoon, Case Studies Of The Effects Of Speculation On Real Estate Price Bubble Forming: Beijing And Shanghai (2001-2010) Refereed

Ian Clarkson, Will A Carbon Price Change Private Farm Forestry In Australia? Refereed

Neil Coffee And Tony Lockwood, The Property Wealth Metric As A Measure Of Socio-Economic Status Refereed

Greg Costello, "Building Age, Depreciation And Real Option Value - An Australian Case Study" Refereed

Greg Costello, Chris Leishman, Steven Rowley And Craig Watkins, The Predictive Performance Of Multi-Level Models Of Housing Submarkets: A Comparative Analysis Refereed

Lucy Cradduck And Andrea Blake, The Impact Of Tenure Type On The Desire For Retirement Village Living Refereed

Lucy Cradduck, Place And Space: Community In The Internet Economy And What This Will Mean For Property Refereed

T. K Egbelaki, S. Wilkinson And P.B.Nahkies, Impacts Of The Property Market On Seismic Retrofit Decisions Refereed

Chris Eves, An Analysis Of Nsw Rural Property Market: 1990-2010 Refereed

Xin Janet Ge, Heather Macdonald, And Sumita Ghosh, Assessing The Impact Of Rail Investment On Housing Prices In North-West Sydney Refereed

Xin Janet Ge, Grace Ding And Peter Phillips, Sustainable Housing – A Case Study Of Heritage Building In Hangzhou China Refereed

Eckhart Hetrzsch And Christopher Heywood, Climatic Influence On Life-Cycle Investing For Sustainable Refurbishments In Australia Refereed

Hui Huang And Xin Janet Ge, "Effects Of Property Channel On Real Estate Market In China – Case Of Guangzhou, China" Refereed

Simon Huston, Sebastien Darchen And Emma Ladouceur, Tod Development In Theory And Practice: The Case Of Albion Mill Refereed

Judy Line And Karen Janiszewski, Growing Affordable Housing For Women

Seung-Young Jeong And Jinu Kim, The Spatial Factors And Retail Units’ Prices In Seoul Refereed

Shen Jianfu And Frederik Pretorius, Real Estate Development With Financial Frictions And Collateralized Debt

Nicole Johnston, Chris Guilding And Sacha Reid, Examining Developer Actions That Embed Protracted Conflict And Dysfunctionality In Staged Multi-Owned Residential Schemes

Ernie Jowsey And Jon Kellet, The Contribution Of Housing To Carbon Emissions And The Potential For Reduction: An Australia-Uk Comparison Refereed

Valerie Kupke, Peter Rossini And Sharon Yam, Identifying Home Ownership Rates For Female Households In Australia Refereed

Matti Kuronen, Mikko Weckroth And Wisa Majamaa, Public-Led Urban Development Projects – Comparing Victoria And Scandinavia Refereed

Veronika Lang And Peter Sittler, Augmented Reality For Real Estate Refereed

Alice Lawson, Social Sustainability Through Affordable Housing In South Australia

Chyi Lin Lee, Simon Stevenson And Ming-Long Lee,, "Paper Futures Trading, Spot Price Volatility And Market Efficiency: Evidence From European Real Estate Securities Futures Title" Refereed

Rita Yi Man Li, Chow Test Analysis On Structural Change In New Zealand Housing Price During Global Subprime Financial Crisis Refereed

Rita Yi Man Li, A Review On 10 Countries’ Sustainable Housing Policies To Combat Climate Change.

Tony Lockwood And Peter Rossini, Efficacy Of The Geographically Weighted Model On The Mass Appraisal Process Refereed

Fionn Mackillop, Balancing The Need For Affordable Housing With The Challenges Of Sustainable Development In South East Queensland And Beyond.

Damian Madigan, Prefabricated Housing And The Implications For Personal Connection Refereed

Kf Man And Peter Py Mok, An Empirical Study On The Impacts Of Express Rail Link On Property Price-Hong Kong Evidence

Kf Man And Sh Fung, Operation Efficiencyassessment Of Hong Kong Public Funded Universities-A Dea Approach

Vince Mangioni, Defining The Role Of Valuations In Mortgage Lending Refereed

Tajul Ariffin Masron And Hassan Gholipour Fereidouni, The Effect Of Fdi On Foreign Real Estate Investment: Evidence From Emerging Economies Refereed

Anas Matsham & Christopher Heywood, An Investigation Of Corporate Real Estate Management Outsourcing In Melbourne Refereed

John Mcdonagh, The Christchurch Earthquakes Impact On Inner City “Colonisers”

Abdul Rahman Mohd Nasir, Chris Eves And Yusdira Yusof, Education On Plant And Machinery Valuation For The Real Market: Malaysian Practicality Refereed

Timothy O’Leary, Residential Energy Efficiency And Mandatory Disclosure Practices Refereed

David Parker, Property Education In Australia: Themes And Issues Refereed

Alan Peters, Urban Planning And Its Impact On Housing Markets – The Sydney Example In Theoretical Perspective Refereed

Melissa Pocock, "Holdouts, Site Amalgamations And Renewal Of Urban Areas: A Call For Legislative Reform" Refereed

Mohammad Anisur Rahman And Nicholas Chileshe, "Attitudes, Perceptions And Practices Of Contractors Towards Quality Related Risks In South Australia"

Janek Ratnatunga And David Parker, A Capability Approach To Real Estate Valuation And Value Enhancement

Wejendra Reddy, Determining The Current Optimal Allocation To Property: A Study Of Australian Fund Managers

Damrongsak Rinchumpoo, Chris Eves And Connie Susilawati, "The Validation Of The Rating For Sustainable Subdivision Neighbourhood Design (Rssnd) In Bangkok Metropolitan Region (Bmr), Thailand" Refereed

Peter Rossini And Valerie Kupke, Granger Causality Test For The Relationship Between House And Land Prices Refereed

Steven Rowley, Housing Market Dynamics In Rural And Regional Australia Refereed

Jane H. Simpson, An Exploratory Study Of The Performance Characteristics Of The Property Vehicles Listed On The New Zealand Stock Exchange (Nzx)

Garrick Small, Government Space Procurement Options: Testing The Myths Refereed

Connie Susilawati And Deborah Peach, Challenges Of Measuring Learning Outcomes For Property Students Engaged In Work Integrated Learning Refereed

Stephen F. Thode And Robert Culp, A Proposed Mortgage To Help Avoid Another Housing Bubble Refereed

Gan Seng Keong And Ting Kien Hwa, Corporate Real Estate Practices Of A Diversified Conglomerate: A Case Study On The Uem Group Refereed

Pamela Wardner, Understanding The Role Of ‘Sense Of Place’ In Office Location Decisions Refereed

Clive M J Warren, Ann Peterson And David Neil, Academic Integrity: Achieving Good Practice In Undergraduate Property And Planning Programs Through Online Tutoring Refereed

Hao Wu And Chuan Chen, Urban “Brownfields”: An Australian Perspective Refereed

Sharon Yam, Corporate Social Responsibility And The Malaysian Property Industry Refereed

Siqi Yan, Xin Janet Ge, Backward-Bending New Housing Supply Curve: Evidence From China Refereed

Jia You, Sun Sheng Han And Hao Wu, "Spatial Distribution Of Affordable Housing Projects In Nanjing, China" Refereed

Yusdira Yusof, Chris Eves And Abdul Rahman Mohd Nasir, Space Management In Malaysian Government Property:A Case Study

Paul Zarebski, A- Reit Fiduciary Remuneration And The Global Financial Crisis

Geoff Page, Farmers Market Operation And Establishment: International Perspectives Refereed


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