Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2014
20th Annual Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference

Lincoln, New Zealand January 19-22, 201

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Professor John Baen 

John S. Baen is a Professor of Real Estate, as well as a practicing commercial real estate broker, Certified Real Estate Appraiser, Certified Right-of-Way Agent, author and expert witness / consultant. Dr. Baen has authored over seventy (70) articles, five books / texts and is currently serving and is currently serving on the board of the American Real Estate Society (ARES). He is a noted expert in oil and gas leases, litigation and research as well as many other areas of real estate. Professor Baen has held positions, lectures, and delivered academic and industry speeches in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Sweden, South Africa and throughout the United States of America. His research and lectures are anchored in both theory and practical aspects of a wide range of real estate topics which has earned three (3) national manuscript awards which were sponsored by ARES corporate sponsors such as John Hancock (1997); Prudential (1998); and the International Council of Shopping Centers (1999).


Dr Terence (Terry) Boyd PhD, MSc (Bldg Man), FAPI

Terry is now in partial retirement, after 50 years in the property industry. He is still involved as a property consultant and education advisor to both public and private sectors in Australia.
His is a registered valuer (Queensland) and a conference chairperson (Land Valuation Act (Qld) 2010). He is presently involved in compensation assessments for Indigenous Land Use Agreements and is a review panel member for the Queensland State Valuation Service.
He is an adjunct professor at CQUniversity and the University of the Sunshine Coast.
In the past, he held professorial chairs at QUT, Australia and Lincoln University, New Zealand and acted as an executive director and principal of property companies.



 Professor Neil Crosby PhD, MRICS,

Neil has been Professor of Real Estate at the University of Reading since 1994 having been previously Professor at Oxford Brookes and lecturer at Reading and Nottingham Trent Universities. Before that he was a practicing valuation surveyor in a combined residential and commercial property consulting firm based in the UK where he qualified as a Chartered Valuation Surveyor in 1975.
He specialises in commercial property appraisal and the commercial Landlord and Tenant relationship and has undertaken a series of major research studies funded by the UK Government and the UK property industry in these areas since his return to Reading. He has given keynote addresses to major academic and professional conferences including the World Valuation Congress in 1999 and the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society in 2000 and 2005. In 2002 he was awarded the International Real Estate Society’s annual achievement award for his work in real estate research, education and
practice. In 2001 and 2008, he was a member of the UK Research Assessment Exercise panel assessing the UK real estate academic output for the UK Government.
He has published well over 100 papers on the various topics listed above and the third edition of his textbook on Property Investment Appraisal with Andrew Baum was published in 2007.


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Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Professor Sandy Bond. Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

David Parker, Preliminary Proposition Of A General Theory Of Property Investment Decision Making Refereed

Ramón Sotelo, The Economics Of Reits Refereed

Wejendra Reddy, Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy And The Role Of Property Assets: A Study Of Australian Industry Superannuation Funds Refereed

Jaime Yong And Abhay Singh, Interest Rate Risk Of Australian Reits: A Panel Analysis Refereed

Chris Ratcliffe And Bill Dimovski, Market Discounts And Shareholder Benefits: Evidence From A-Reit Private Placements Refereed

Shu-Hsiu (Steven) Chen, Interdependence Of Property Prices And Building Vacancy Rates In Residential And Commercial Real Estate Markets: Hong Kong And Singapore Refereed

Zulkifli Esha, The Suitability Of Social Media Integration For Effective Real Estate Marketing In Malaysia Refereed

Johari Hussein, Lynne Armitage And Linda Too, A Historical Perspective Of The Evolution Of Australian Built Heritage And Its Management Refereed

Lucy Cradduck, ‘Water Views’ From Cyberspace: Building Resilient Communities By Identifying Water Risks Refereed

Jessica Lamond, Sara Wilkinson And Carly Rose, Conceptualising The Benefits Of Green Roof Technology For Commercial Real Estate Owners And Occupiers Refereed

Vince Mangioni, Defining The Basis Of Value In Land Value Taxation Refereed

Vince Mangioni, Refining Principles Of Compensation In Land Acquisition For Urban Renewal Refereed

Chris Heywood, Joseph Barrins And Sara Bell, Owned Environments: Taking Property Into First Year Of A Broad Degree Refereed

Mohd Lizam, Comparison Of Empirical Models In Malaysia House Price Index Construction Refereed

Mohammed S. Al Surf, The Role Of The Saudi Government And The Saudi Building Code In Implementing Sustainable Housing Construction In Saudi Arabia Refereed

Tuulia Puustinen, The Time For Intensity? Governance And Decision-Making In Relation To Major Repairs In Multi-Owned Residential Buildings In Ffnland And New Zealand Refereed

Valerie Kupke, The First Home Owner Decade – Distribution And Impact Of The First Home Owner Grant 2000 To 2013 Refereed

Valerie Kupke, Comparing The Socio Spatial Substructure Of The Australian City Refereed

Geoff Page And Valerie Kupke, Growing Farmers’ Markets; What Are The Factors That Impact On Participation By Local Producers? Refereed

Connie Susilawati And Leh Roo Wong,, Barriers To Entering Affordable Home Ownership For Young People: A Preliminary Study From University Students’ Perspectives Refereed

Michael Mak, Compensation For Coal Seam Gas Occupation: Assessing The Harms Refereed

Lyndall Bryant, Chris Eves, Andrea Blake And Patrick Palmer, Can Playing Monopoly™ Enhance Learning For Property Students Refereed

Chris Eves, Residential Property Consumer Behavior Following A Natrual Disaster: The Christchurch Experience Refereed

Jeremy Gabe, An Outcome Comparison Of Mandatory And Voluntary Building Energy Disclosure In Australia Refereed

Brent Nahkies, Mandatory Seismic Retrofitting – A Case Study Of The Land Use Impacts On A Small Provincial Town Refereed

Peggie Rothe, Matti Christersson, Christopher Heywood And Anna-Liisa Sarasoja, Relocation Management – Challenges And Service Opportunities Refereed

Siqi Yan And Janet Ge, Direct Government Control Over Residential Land Supply And Its Impact On Real Estate Market: Evidence From Major Chinese Markets Refereed

Olga Filippova, Higher Capital Values: Are They Worth The Price? Refereed

Clive M. J. Warren, The Green And Gold Of Journal Publication: Australian Property Researchers’ Perspective On Open Access Publication Refereed

Pamela Wardner, Explaining Mixed-Use Developments: A Critical Realist’S Perspective Refereed

Dulani Halvitigala, Addressing Changes In Tenant Office Space Requirements: A Landlord Perspective Refereed

Michael Hefferan, The Rise Of Peri-Urban Areas In Regional Development And Land Use: A South-East Queensland Case Study Refereed

Chyi Lin Lee, And Girijasankar Mallik, The Impact Of Student Characteristics On Academic Achievement: Findings From An Online Undergraduate Property Program Refereed

John S. Baen,, "Catastrophic Interruptions Of Normal Property Cycles: The Path To Recovery Through Persistence, Collective Individual"

Terry Boyd, Property Market Analysis The Key To Looking Forward

Neil Crosby, Commercial Property Valuations –What Have They Ever Done For Us?

Eelis Rytkönen , Community-Focused Perspectives To Interdisciplinary University Campus Management –A Business Model Case Study

Michael Fibbens, Michael Y Mak And Anthony Williams, Compensation For Coal Seam Gas Occupation: Assessing The Harm

Karen M. Gibler And Tanja Tyvimaa, The Changing Life Course And Its Impact On Housing Preferences Of Finnish Middle-Aged And Elderly Households

Dulani Halvitigala And James Gordon, The Use Of Property Management Software In Residential Property Management

Michael Y Mak, Janet X Ge And Wenli Dong, "Sustainability Rating Tools And Measurement: A Pilot Study"

John Mcdonagh,, Housing Affordability In Post-Earthquake Christchurch

John Mcdonagh, Jacky Bowring, And Harvey Perkins,, "What Now? The Post Disaster Experiences Of Small, Inner City Retail Businesses."

Dermot Mcgeown And Ajith Kuruvilla , Strip Shopping Precincts: Analysis Of Renewal Policies By Local Authorities: An Examination Of Recent Policy Implementation.

Peddy, Pi-Ying, Lai, How To Prevent Urban Disaster By Using 3D Gis Technology In Taiwan

Jane H. Simpson And Gary O. Garner, Longitudinal Study Of The Significance Of Trusts And Companies Listed On The New Zealand Stock Exchange Under The Property Sector.


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