Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2016
22nd Annual Conference, January 17 -20 2016
 Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


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Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Professor Mike Hefferan. Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

Dr Gary Owen Garner, The Bicultural Significance Of Forests And Associated Socioeconomic Impact Of Forestry Treaty Claims In Aotearoa-New Zealand Refereed

Andrew Pai And Prof Chris Eves, Valuation And Equity Concerns In Customary Land Takings Compensation: The Case In Papua New Guinea Refereed

Kenneth Rayner, Property Rights Catechised

Adjunct Prof John Sheehan, Coal Seam Gas Production: Compensation For Surface Impact

Yingyu Feng And Kelvyn Jones, Postcode Or Census Geography? An Examination Of Neighbourhood Classification For House Price Predictions Refereed

Dr Vince Mangioni, The Evolution Of Valuations For Mortgage Lending Purposes Refereed

Dr Vince Mangioni, The Role Of Valuations In Building Financial Literacy Refereed

Prof Richard G. Reed, Assoc Prof Chyi Lin Lee, Le Ma And Christine Prasad, Housing Market Indexes

Prof Richard G. Reed And Tony Kelly, Valuing Multi-Owned Property – A 21St Century Approach

Iona Mccarthy, The Impact Of Nutrient Limits On Farmland Value

Assoc Prof Peddy Pi-Ying Lai And Kenneth Rayner, Comparative International Valuation Certification Standards In The Asia-Pacific/Oceania Region Refereed

Dr Judith Callanan, Impact Of Aerotropolis On Urban Growth And Related Commercial Activity Refereed

Sigrid Katzler Assoc Prof Bjorn Berggren And Christina Gustaffson, Will Outsourcing Of Commecial Real Estate Management Functions Add To Performance?

Treshani Perera And Dr David M. Higgins, The Black Swan Effect And The Impact On Commercial Property Market: A Conceptual Framework

Andrea Blake And Prof Karen Whelan, Creating Work Ready Plus Graduates In Property

Prof Eddie Blass, Bridging The Gap Between Theory And Practice: Inverting The Property Curriculum Design Process Refereed

Dr Steven Boyd And Dr Terence Boyd, Engaging The Property Practitioner In Market Analysis

Dr Lyndall Bryant And Brett Fyfield, Real World Learning: A Case Study In Property Education

Dr Douw Boshoff, Assessment For Deep Learning In Built Environment Students

Dr Terrence Boyd, Location And Value Attributes Of Charity Stores In Australia

Dr Steven Boyd , Experiencing University Through Playing Property Refereed

Dr Hyemi Hwang, Twitter And Improving Property Students’ Learning Experience Refereed

Peter Rossini, Is There A Link Between Online Learning Analytics And Student Grades?

Prof Graeme Newell, Muhammad Jufri Bin Marzuki, Assoc Prof Chyi Lin Lee, Zahara Manaf And Nelson Chan, The Significance And Performance Of Green Office Buildings In Australia

Linda K. Chartres, Business Modelling Strategies: Case For Australian Real Estate Franchise Industry Refereed

Dr Lucy Cradduck, Building An Understanding Of Law: Engaging Property Economics Students By Using Technology Refereed

Dr Lucy Cradduck, Rolling Out The Future: The Current Status Of The Australian Nbn And Its Impact For Property Refereed

Ming-Te Lee, Prof Ming-Long Lee And Shew- Huei Kuo, Price Dynamics Of Office Properties Across Quality Classes In Hong Kong

Prof Graeme Newell, Muhammad Jufri Bin Marzuki, The Significance And Performance Of Office Property In Australia

Dr Sacha Reid, Nicole Johnston And Heather Shearer, The Historical Spread Of Community Title Schemes In Queensland

Assoc Prof Clive M. J. Warren And Hera Antoniades, Gender In The Property Industry And Professional Bodies - An Australian Perspective Refereed

Ann Godfrey, Work-Architecture: A New Space For Real Estate Refereed

Dr Andy Krause And Cliff Lipscomb, Property-Level Real Estate Data: Processing Techniques And Documentation Review Refereed

Dr Kimberly Winson-Geideman And Dr Andy Krause, Transformations In Real Estate Research: The Big Data Revolution Refereed

Dr Braam Lowies, Seasonal Effects On Pacific Region Reits: A Garch Approach

Nor Nazihah Chuweni And Prof Chris Eves, "Technical, Allocative And Scale Efficiency Of Malaysian Reits: The Preliminary Finding" Refereed

Woei-Chyuan Wong, Kamarun Nisham Taufil Mohd And Prof Dr Nur Adiana Hiau Abdullah, The Wealth Effects Of Dividend Tax Cuts: Evidence From The Malaysian Reit’S Market Refereed

Saki Yanagihara And Dr Jinu Kim, Incentive For Globalization Of J-Reits Refereed

Assoc Prof Chyi Lin Lee, Prof Graeme Newell And Valerie Kukpe, Australian Institutional Investors’ Attitudes Regarding Residential Property Investment And Investment Vehicles Refereed

Dr Jian Liang And Dr Zhi Dong, Reits Leverage Ratio And Earnings Management Refereed

Muhammad Jufri Bin Marzuki And Prof Graeme Newell, The Significance And Performance Of Australian Unlisted Property Funds

Vikash Ramiah, Dr Braam Lowies, Xiaoming Xu And Imad Moosa, Seasonal Effects On Pacific Region Reits: Is Today A Good Day To Buy In Pacific Region Real Estate Investment Trusts? Refereed

Assoc Prof Bjorn Berggren, Svante Mandell, Mats Wilhelmsson And Andreas Fili, Entrepreneurship And House Prices: A Regional Analysis Refereed

Ming-Te Lee, Assoc Prof Chyi Lin Lee, Prof Ming-Long Lee And Chien-Ya Liao, "Dynamic Interaction Between House Prices And Stock Prices In Australia: Wealth Effect, Credit Effect, Or Capital Switching? " Refereed

Peng Yew Wong, The Drivers Of Overseas Investment In The Australian Residential Property Market Refereed

Hyunbum Chow And Prof Graeme Newell, The Role Of Unlisted Property Funds In Mixed Asset Portfolios In China

Dr Bill Dimovski, Differences In Underpricing Of A-Reit Ipos And Australian Property Company Ipos

Dr Zhi Dong And Ningkun Li, Tenants Characteristics In The Risk-Return Performance Of Investment Property Portfolios

Ming-Te Lee, Assoc Prof Chyi Lin Lee, Prof Ming-Long Lee And Yi-Chieh Hsu, Metropolitan Rail Transit Accessibility And Housing Price In Taipei: A Quantile Regression Approach Refereed

Prof Chris Eves, The Analysis Of Nsw Rural Property: 1990-2014 Refereed

Prof David Parker, Idiosyncratic Risk In Direct Property – A Review Of The Literature

Dr Wejendra Reddy, Real Asset Allocation: Evaluating The Diversification Benefits Of Property And Alternative Asset Classes In Australian Superannuation Portfolios Refereed

Dr Christopher Heywood And Kusal Nanayakkara, The Own-Lease Analysis Discounted Cash Flow Models: A Meta-Study Refereed

Kwabena Mintah, Real Options And Application To Australian Property Development: A Conceptual Analysis Refereed

Jane H. Simpson, Large Capacity Australian Multi-Purpose Stadiums: An Investment Opportunity? Refereed

Dr Brano Glumac, C. Vasilache And Dr Braam Lowies, Sustainable Building Reuse: Understanding User Preferences For The Housing Market Refereed

Dr Song Shi, Iona Mccarthy And Uyen Ngo, Leaky Building Stigma: Can It Be Eliminated By Remediation? Evidence From Professional Survey

Dr Georgia Warren-Myers And Dr Chris Heywood, Investigating Residential Construction Procurement Roles And Relationships; Isolating Opportunities For Change

Shi Yee Wong, Dr Connie Susilawati, Wendy Miller And Dr Asti Mardiasmo, Assessing The Impact Of Sustainability-Related Features On Residential Property Price Refereed

Assoc Prof John Macfarlane, Portfolio Condition Assessment

Alan Pope, Prof Paul Gallimore And Dr Song Shi, Leasehold Property And Investor Risk Misestimation

Peter Rossini And Paul Kershaw, Exploring The Behaviour Of Residential Property Investors?

Yixin (Lucy) Xu , Melbourne Housing Price Performance: A Case Study Of Kew And Hawthorn Using Quantitative Analysis Refereed

Dr Janet X. Ge And Assoc Prof Peddy P. Y. Lai, Rail Accessibility On Property Value: Zuoying Station Refereed

Dr Hasniyati Hamzah, Regulators’ Attitude Toward Mass Customised Housing (Mch)

J. Mccord, Dr M. Mccord, P. Davis And M. Haran, Does Religion Cost? Segregation And House Prices

Yongyuth Suphotngamkul And Assoc Prof Supeecha Panichpathom, Using Importance-Performance Analysis (Ipa) To Evaluate Factors Affecting The Living In Elderly Condominium

Dr David Higgins And Trivess Moore, Mixed Tenure Housing Developments: Salt And Pepper Versus Silo Design Refereed

Cate Macmillan And Dr Nicholas J. Stevens , Where Will We Live? : Residential Preferences For Adults With Intellectual Disability Refereed

Anna Mckinlay, Assoc Prof Claudia Baldwin And Nicholas J. Stevens, Influences On Dwelling Size In Australia Refereed

Woraphot Treeyahwuthiwat And Assoc Prof Supeecha Panichpathom, Factors Influencing Singaporean Elders To Move To Thai Retirement Homes Refereed

Dr Pernille H. Christensen, "Investigating Solutions To The Affordable Housing Supply Challenges In Sydney, Australia: Considering Alternative Housing Typologies" Refereed

Assoc Prof Greg Costello, Housing Affordability-Land Supply And New Housing In Wa Refereed

Dr Michael Mccord, Prof W. S. Mcgreal And P. T. Davis, Analysing Housing Market Affordability In Northern Ireland: Towards A Better Understanding?

Andrea Sharam, Ian Mcshane, Dr Lyndall Bryant And Ashton De Silva, Are Not-For-Profit Organisations A Source Of Land For Affordable Housing? – An Exploratory Study Refereed

Ajayi M. T. A, Sulyman A. O And Shaibu S.I, Assessing The Impact Of Residents Attitude On The Administration Of Property Tax In Ibadan North East Local Government Of Oyo State Nigeria Refereed

Yingyu Feng And Kelvyn Jones, Comparing Two Neighbourhood Classifiicaitons: A Multilevel Analysis Of London Property Price In 2011- 2014 Refereed

Neville Hurst And Dulani Halvitigala, The Influence Of Climate Zones On Energy Efficiency Advertising Of Residential Properties Refereed

Inga-Lill Soderberg, A Typology Of Consumer Attitudes Affecting Mortgage Choices

Assoc Prof Bjorn Berggren, Rickard Engstrom, Fredrik Kopsch And Hans Lind, An Analysis Of The Development Of The Market For Swedish Real Estate Brokers: Towards Greater Competition And Complexity?

Assoc Prof John Mcdonagh, Jacky Bowring An Harvey Perkins, "Inner City Retail Development – The Importance Of Psychological, Social And Community Dividends"

Dr Yasmin Mohd Adnan And Yong Yeong Chin, "Selection Factors For Retail Space At Regional And Neighbourhood Centres In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia"

Johari H. N. Amar, Assoc Prof Lynne Armitage And Dr Daniel O'Hare, Australian Cultural Built Heritage: Stakeholders’ Perceived Conservation Barriers And Motivations Refereed

Dr Jeremy Gabe, Voluntary Private Investment Or Public Policy Nudges: What Is Most Effective For Ghg Reduction? Refereed

Dr Michael Y. Mak And Dr Janet X. Ge , A Study Of Modern Sustainable Buildings In Sydney From The Feng Shui Perspective Refereed

P. Brent Nahkies, The Harcourts Building - A 'Seismic' Shift? Refereed

Dr Pernille H. Christensen And Dr Kimberly Winson-Geideman, Promoting Sustainability: Innovations In Flood Management Refereed

Dr Jeremy Gabe And Kantawat Suwanlekha, Which Commercial Building Retrofits Are Most Associated With Ghg Mitigation?

Dr Brano Glumac, R. L. H. Coppens And Dr Braam Lowies, Energy Performance Contracting

Hong-Trang Nguyen, Dr Matthew Gray And Prof Martin Skitmore, Comparative Study On Green Building Supportive Policies Of Pacific-Rim Countries Most Vulnerable To Climate Change Refereed

Prof Chris Eves And Andrea Blake, The Impact Of Aircraft Noise And Complaints On Brisbane Residential Property Performance Refereed

Prof Mike Hefferan, Regional Aviation Clusters And Their Real Property Parameters – An Australian Survey And Its Wider Implications Refereed

Farida Rachmawati, Dr Connie Susilawati, Ria Soemitro And Tri Joko W. Adi, Major Stakeholder Different Perspective Concerning Factors Contributing To Successful Partnerships In Low-Cost Apartment Development In Surabaya Metropolitan Area In Indonesia Refereed

Dr Pamela Wardner, Lessons Learnt In Developing Major Hospital Precincts


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