Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2018
24thAnnual Conference, January 21 - 24 2018
Auckland, New Zealand

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Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees. Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

Neville Hurst, Dulani Halvitigala, Have Real Estate Agents’ Perceptions On The Importance Of Sustainability In Housing Changed? Refereed

Calvin Chua, Ong Seow Eng, Davin Wang, The Role Of Online Ratings In The Agent Selection Process Refereed

Jason Twill, Pernille H. Christensen, From Cost Benefit Analysis To Integrated Value: How Can Enhanced Valuation Frameworks Move Us Beyond Sustainability Toward Regenerative Built Environments? Refereed

Georgia Warren-Myers, Gideon D.P.A. Aschwande, Franz Fuerst, Andy Krause, Are We Underestimating The Sea Level Rise Risk For Property? Refereed

Jiajun Tang, Kimberly Winson-Geideman, "The Dynamics Of Housing Affordability For Young Households In Melbourne Australia, 2006-2016" Refereed

André Kruger, Climate Change Risk Premium For Residential Coastal Real Estate Refereed

Dulani Halvitigala, Hera Antoniades, Chris Eves, Coworking Culture – Challenges And Opportunities For Office Landlords Refereed

Hao Wu, Bo Qin, A Transition Of The Brownfield Holding Firm In China Refereed

Abdul-Rasheed Amidu, Osahon Ogbesoyen, Alirat Olayinka Agboola, Exploring Gaps Between Real Estate Curriculum And Industry Needs: A Mapping Exercise Refereed

Chien-Wen Peng, I-Chun Tsai, Measuring The Costs And Benefits Of Favorable Tax Treatments For Owner-Occupied Housing-The Case Of Taiwan Refereed

Wejendra Reddya, Woon-Weng Wong, Estimating The Impact Of Debt And Management Structure On A-Reits Performance Refereed

Treshani Perera, Wejendra Reddy, Ten Best Practices For Improving Australian Commercial Property Market Forecasting. Refereed

Jim Berry, Tony Mcgough, "Pricing Risk In Yields, And Its Impact On Real Estate Market Volatility" Refereed

Lois C Towart, The Balance Sheet And Valuation Treatment Of Retirement Living And Aged Care Assets Refereed

Sandeep Narayan, "Issues Facing Standardisation Of Property Valuation Practices: A Case Study Of Suva, Fiji" Refereed

Andrew Pai, Andrea Blake, Towards Equitable Compensation: Inclusion Of Cultural Values In Valuation Of Customary Land Takings Compensation Refereed

M. S. Chien, Y. J. E. Syub, H.C. Hsuc, Y. C., Hsud , Does Economic Freedom Affect The Returns Of International Real Estate Securities? Refereed

Shanaka Herath, Ajith Jayasekare, "City Proximity, Travel Modes And House Prices: The Tale Of Three Cities In Sydney" Refereed

X.X. Liu, X.J. Ge, Effects Of Land Incremental Value Allocation On Rural Operational Construction Land (Rocl) Under Market Mechanism: Case Study In China Refereed

Jyh-Bang Jou,Tan Lee, The Determinants Of Optimal Statute Of Limitations For Landowners Refereed

Ian Clarkson, Koorosh Gharehbaghi, Transportation Infrastructure Development For Regional Areas: Implications For Regions Refereed

Steven Boyd, Capturing The Value Of An Electric Linear Ferry Service Refereed


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