Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2022
28th  Annual Conference, February 2022
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Delegate Papers  - Including Keywords and Abstract

Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Professor Sandy Bond. Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

AUTHOR: Ezdihar Hamzah, Hariati Abdullah Hashim, Azizah Ismail
TITLE: Intangible Factor’S Contribution To Value Or Benefit Creation In Infrastructure Asset Valuation |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "special property valuation, infrastructure asset, tangible and intangible factorss, cost-fitbenefit analysis, Malaysia"
ABSTRACT: "Infrastructure asset valuation is a complex task and there are tangible and intangible factors need to be considered in valuation. As a government asset that serve to the society, there are intangible factors that need to be considered in valuation practice. The aim of this paper is to classify the details for intangible factors and its relationship to either value or benefit. This research is conducted through qualitative approach by using in-depth interview with the experts. The findings of this research have classified the items detailed for infrastructure asset valuation in the case study of Custom, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ Complex). As the main contribution of this research, the value and benefit creation from the intangible factors are analysed and the relationship are summarised. This research contributes to the body of knowledge and to the practitioner globally."
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AUTHOR: Ting (Mina) Li, Kimberly Winson-Geideman
TITLE: Performance Of Non-Core Real Estate Private Equity Funds: A Global Perspective Of Hotel And Hospitality Investment |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "real estate private equity, hotel and hospitality assets, non-core funds, IRR"
ABSTRACT: "This research studies the factors driving returns in real estate private equity (REPE) funds with hotel and hospitality assets. By utilizing a novel alternative investment database provided by Preqin, 230 funds reporting return performances (ie. IRR and Multiple) and incepted between 1994 and 2015, are analysed. The funds are separated into two groups, 171 non-liquidated and 59 liquidated funds. In both sub-groups, size and market benchmark are the two most significant factors impacting returns, while other factors affecting nonliquidated funds include holding period, previous fund’s Multiple and opportunistic or debt strategies. The study finds less reliable results in liquidated funds, largely due to sample size and the validity of dated records."
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AUTHOR: Cynthia Hou, Hao Wu, Joseph H.K. Lai
TITLE: A Project-Based Learning Approach To Support Green Building Education |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "green building, pedagogical model, project-based learning, site visit, virtual reality"
ABSTRACT: "This paper presents the design, implementation and evaluation result of a project-based learThis paper presents the design, implementation and evaluation result of a project-based learning-led hospitality real estate management course of a master programme in Hong Kong. In order to raise students’ environmental awareness, the course was designed based on a pedagogical model that incorporates four types of teaching methods to support project-based learning. In this course, students are allowed to attend lecturebased teaching, a virtual site visit to the CIC-Zero Carbon Park, a physical site visit to a green hotel, followed by accomplishing a practicum-based project. To measure the effectiveness of the course delivery, feedbacks from both green building professionals and the students of the course were collected. The analysed results reveal that the course was able to cover the intended green building lifecycle knowledge and provided the students with positive learning experience; furthermore, the dynamic structure of the course enhanced the students’ interest in fostering green buildings.ning-led"
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AUTHOR: Allison M. Orr, Alan Gardner, Cath Jackson, James T. White
TITLE: Adaptation Of The Retail Investment Market In The Uk: |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Retail market, lease model, turnover rents, tenant covenant "
ABSTRACT: " The retailing industry in the UK, while dynamic and responsive to changes in consumer demand, is experiencing unprecedented structural change. The focus of attention on the consequences of these changes for urban centres has typically been on the retailers themselves and the impacts on local services and economies but with little attention given to the implications for property owners. Yet, understanding the responsiveness of landlords and their behaviours is an important step towards mastering and managing the adaptive mechanisms within a retailing system. A qualitative research approach is adopted in this study to examine the changes, before and during the pandemic, on the retail investment market. The findings, based on the analysis of primary data collected in semi-structured interviews, reveal fundamental changes in the leasing model. This paper explores the changes to the lease model and landlords’ perceptions around tenant covenant, and the implications for the valuation of retail assets. "
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AUTHOR: Ka Ling Cheung, Hao Wu
TITLE: A Projective Study Of Blended Synchronous Learning For Property Education In The Covid-19 Pandemic |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Pandemic,Blendedsynchronouslearning,Propertyeducation,Pedagogy,Australia."
ABSTRACT: " The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought serious disruptions worldwide and higher education sector has been at the forefront of this global pandemic which demands innovative responses. This paper explores blended synchronous learning (BSL) as an approach available to cope with the unprecedented pandemic destruction to teaching-learning in higher education sector. To adapt to the “new normal” and try to mitigate physical and social distancing, new technology is valued option to combine face-to-face and remote teaching-learning activities, and BSL forms part of this experiment. This paper presents a review of literature on the BSL and examines its application in property courses in Australia as an example. It illustrates the role and value of BSL as a novel teaching-learning mode valuable during and beyond the pandemic period. "
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AUTHOR: Effah Amponsah, Chris Eves, Dulani Halvitigala And Hyemi Hwang
TITLE: An Analysis Of The Procedures And Practices Of Expropriation And Compensation For Mining In Ghana: Evidence From Case Studies With Multiple Participants |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Expropriation, compensation, mining host communities, project affected persons, valuation "
ABSTRACT: ". The procedures and the practices of expropriation and compensation for mining remain a source of conflict between mining host communities and mining companies in Ghana. Using best practices from the Food and Agriculture Organisation's (FAO's) compulsory acquisition and compensation guidelines and literature, this study assessed the procedures and practices for expropriation and compensation of two gold mining companies in Ghana – Asanko Gold Ghana Limited and Newmont Goldcorp's Ahafo Mine. The study found that the controversies surrounding the expropriation and compensation practices of the two studied cases were attributable to a triumvirate of factors: the loopholes in the existing laws, the disregard for key legal provisions on expropriation and compensation, and the lax institutional oversight over expropriation practices. For a fair expropriation regime in Ghana's mining sector, there is the need for a centralised guiding framework to streamline expropriation and compensation practices. "
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AUTHOR: Thomas Vogl,Grzegorz Micek, Hans-Joachim Bargstädt
TITLE: Analysis Of Coworking Spaces In Germany |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "New Working Spaces, Coworking, Suburban, Periphery "
ABSTRACT: " The number of Coworking Spaces is growing steadily in Germany and went up from 300 in 2018 to 1.268 in May 2020. According to a study by Savills, almost 90% of all hybrid Spaces and ¾ of all Business centers were located in the seven biggest cities of Germany. The recent developments in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic have shown a significantly increasing demand for more flexible and New Working Spaces in peripheral areas. This work investigates the structures of Coworking Spaces in Germany. Therefore, 1.121 Coworking Spaces were identified through desk research and assigned to 258 congregations with their demographic and economic data to deduct the geographical distribution of Coworking Spaces in Germany apart from the big 7 cities. To identify Coworking Spaces in peripheral areas, the data was evaluated based on statistical data. In terms of a transdisciplinary approach, the cities and congregations of the dataset were assigned regarding predefined city categories of the real estate and urbanism sector and compared with each other. Results show that the biggest and most relevant cities for the national and international real estate office market are leading the number of Coworking Spaces in Germany. However, smaller big cities with low importance for the real estate sector are also showing a high number and seem to be attractive for Coworking Spaces. Findings indicate that Coworking Spaces are existing in peripheral areas. "
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AUTHOR: Kenechi Peter Ifeanacho, Nonso Izuchukwu Ewurum, Njideka Maryclara Aguome
TITLE: " Application Of Income Capitalization Approach For Valuation Of Investment Properties: Enugu, Nigeria As A Test Market" |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "All Risk Yield, Income Capitalization Approach, Income Generating Properties, Market Rent, Outgoings, Valuation "
ABSTRACT: " Generic valuation theories stipulate that the income capitalization approach is most appropriate in valuing investment properties for mortgages, sales, and other purposes. However, there appears to be a gap in the extant literature with regard to the extent to which valuers adopt this method in valuing income generating properties in the study area. This informs the aim of the study, which is to examine the application of the income capitalization approach in the valuation of investment properties in Enugu. The study adopted the survey research design. Data was obtained from primary sources using a data collection pro forma administered to a holistic sampling of ninety valuers in Enugu. Upon analysis with descriptive statistics, findings showed a greater percentage of valuers employed the depreciated replacement cost method rather than the income capitalization approach. Thus, the study proffered recommendations that would enhance the application of the income capitalization approach in valuing income generating properties in Enugu. "
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AUTHOR: Ifeanyi Edwin Ihemeje, Kenechi Peter Ifeanacho, Nonso Izuchukwu Ewurum
TITLE: Assessment Of Delay Factors In Building Project Completion In University Of Nigeria Nsukka. |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Building Projects, Building Project Completion, Delay Factors, University of Nigeria "
ABSTRACT: " Prolonged delays leading to building project abandonment adversely affect the educational environment and learning facilities. This study assessed the delay factors in building projects completion in University of Nigeria. The objectives were to classify and determine the ranking of the delay factors; to ascertain the degree of agreement in the ranking of the delay factors by the clients, contractors and consultants. Forty-one projects formed the study population. Data was collected from the Department of Physical Planning. The projects sites were inspected and necessary data collected. The findings were that the causes of project delays could be classified as bureaucracy and financial problems, corruption tendencies and contractor’s site mismanagement, weather and economic uncertainties, delayed actions by consultants, and others. The top ten delay factors were identified. Spearman rank correlation coefficient for the ranking of the delay factors were: clients and contractors (0.912), clients and consultants (0.898), and contractors and consultants (0.889). "
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AUTHOR: Steven Boyd, Galina Williams
TITLE: Avatars To See The Financial Impact Of Industry Cycles On Regional Queensland |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "industry cycles, customer avatars; "
ABSTRACT: " Customer avatars are employed to better understand the financial and social impact of industry cycles on earnings and housing occupancy costs, in regional Queensland. The avatars Doug, Zac, and Bernie, live and work in communities dominated by tourism, mining, and agriculture industries respectively. During the past 10 years their earnings and job security have experienced rises and falls, and this has had a profound impact on their financial wellbeing, and that of their avatar families. This paper commences with a review of existing research into the financial impacts of industry cycles on earnings and housing rents and prices. The review extends to consider the use of personas, or customer avatars, from marketing and systems research, to better understand and communicate the financial wellbeing of residents in communities subject to changes in financial security. The research then describes the development of the three fictious people, using statistics, to reveal their financial and social wellbeing. "
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AUTHOR: Kingsley Tetteh Baako, Jeremy Dzidzorm Afenyo, And Vanessa Glover-Quartey
TITLE: Barriers To The Adoption Of Blockchain For Land Administration In A Developing Economy |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Blockchaintechnology,landadministration,barriers,PropTech,DevelopingCountries,Ghana"
ABSTRACT: " Technological advancements often disrupt the status quo and transform processes, potentially improving speed and transparency in processes. Blockchain technology (BCT) is one such emerging technology which is gaining industry and academic attention (Mintah et al., 2020). Use cases span multiple sectors ranging from finance, law, music, to land. Departing from the extant literature that investigates the various use cases of BCT, we examine the barriers that impede the adoption of BCT in Ghana. Adopting a qualitative approach, we conduct semi-structured interviews with 15 stakeholders in the public and private sectors of land administration in Ghana to flesh out the adoption barriers to BCT. Our results suggest that there are six categories of factors that impede the adoption of BCT in Ghana, like other developing countries: Political, Organisational, Economic, Legal and Regulatory, Socio-cultural, and Technical. We conclude by providing recommendations. "
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AUTHOR: Shizhen Wang
TITLE: Determinants Of Rental Growth In China’S Logistics Real Estate Market |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Logistics Real Estate, Rent Growth, Demand Drivers, ECM"
ABSTRACT: "The investment and occupier markets for modern logistics facilities in China’s largest cities have boomed in recent years. With a transaction volume of over USD 10.4 Billion in 2020 alone, China has emerged as one of the World’s largest logistics real estate markets globally. We apply error correction model (ECM) analysis to examine quarterly rent, supply, vacancy and economic data of nine cities in China over the past 12 years. We find the rent growth is mainly driven by GDP growth and land price, while the national-level vacancy rate does matter to the logistics real estate market, logistics real estate in tier 1 and tier2 cities have different rent determinates. There is an effective self-correction mechanism in logistics rent dynamics. The vacancy rates are mainly influenced by supply change, while supply increase has very limited connection with rent growth or vacancy rate. A wide range of rental growth performances is evident by city across China with supplyconstrained coastal markets generally experiencing the strongest rental growth. This is among the first research papers to examine the drivers of rental growth and vacancy in Chinese logistics real estate markets."
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AUTHOR: Abul Hasanat, Lucy Cradduck
TITLE: Technology And Torrens: How To Support Bangladesh Landowners’ Rights |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Bangladesh,Australia,technology,landtitling,propertyrights,Torrens"
ABSTRACT: " This paper examines current land titling and administration processes in a selected developing country, Bangladesh, in order to determine the reliability and effectiveness of those processes in supporting and protecting individual landowners, and in guaranteeing title. In doing so, it identifies several governance issues flowing from the current decentralised registry and record of rights systems, and limited use of technology; which adversely impacts upon individual landowners’ title and rights, and users’ confidence, in those processes. This research supports both the need for a single centralised land management system; and the need for greater access to easy-to-use technology by all landowners, and potential landowners, irrespective of their social class. The paper concludes by identifying how the adoption of a Torrens style system, combined with increased technology adoption and use, will both assist in protecting individuals’ title and other rights, and result in a more efficient and rigorous Bangladesh land administration system. The research adds to the limited literature regarding Bangladesh. "
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AUTHOR: Ka Shing Cheung, Julian Tszkin Chan, Sijie Li, Chung Yim Yiu
TITLE: Machine Learning Approach To Identify Nonlocal Premium In The Housing Market |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "unsupervised machine learning, natural language process, non-local buyers; anchoring biases, information asymmetry, repeat-sales estimates "
ABSTRACT: " The machine learning approach has expanded the frontier of housing studies. This paper applies a novel machine learning algorithm with the latest technique in natural language processing for classifying local versus non-local home buyers to test the information asymmetry hypothesis. While the efficient markets hypothesis postulates that the “law of one price” should hold, shreds of empirical evidence suggest that non-local property buyers usually pay a premium for comparable residential properties relative to their local counterparts. However, most previous studies rely on indirect information to classify non-local buyers and ignore non-local sellers. This study develops a machine learning algorithm to identify non-local buyers and sellers from a large-scale housing transaction dataset from Hong Kong. Using the repeat-sales method that avoids omitted variable biases, non-local buyers (sellers) are found to buy (sell) at a higher (lower) price than their local counterparts. "
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AUTHOR: Samuel Swanzy-Impraim, Xin Janet Ge, Vince Mangioni
TITLE: The Emergence Of Reits In Ghana |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Gh-REITs, listed property trusts, indirect real estate investment, institutional investors"
ABSTRACT: "Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are evolving in Ghana’s real estate market. As at mid-2021, Republic Bank and GCB Securities were the two publicly known institutions operating REITs in the country. With the passage of the 2019 REIT guidelines, all existing REITs were rendered invalid, pursuant to provisions that, REITs must be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana. Using exploratory qualitative methods, the study investigates on-going developments surrounding the formulation of REITs in Ghana. Interviews were conducted with institutional investors and policy experts on their perception on the new REIT guidelines and the conditionalities needed for developing a REIT sector in Ghana. Institutional investors were largely receptive of the new REIT guidelines but at the same time not enthusiastic about venturing into it. They exclaimed that, unless REIT yields are proven to be competitive against their existing assets, they may not consider it in the short term. To develop Ghana’s first REIT sector, there are three conditions to be met, namely, creating a conducive macroeconomic environment, improving the state of the real estate industry, and developing an effective legal and regulatory framework. The study concludes that, there is a market for REITs in Ghana to serve institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, private equity funds etc. However, the right structures must be created to usher in more advanced forms of indirect real estate investments. Additionally, real estate companies must be encouraged to trade publicly on the Ghana Stock Exchange once the opportunity presents itself, to expand their financing options. The implementation of the REIT guideline is a major milestone towards negotiating, establishing, and operating REITs in Ghana"
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AUTHOR: Muhammad Al–Muntazar Lajimin, Ainur Zaireen Zainudin
TITLE: The Implications Of Covid-19 Outbreak To Land Registration Office |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "COVID-19, Movement Control Order, Effects, Land Registration"
ABSTRACT: "The outbreak of the COVID-19 disease that has been dramatically affecting human life has led many countries to take various measures to manage the crisis. Malaysia has enforced its first Movement Control Order (MCO) to control the spread of the infectious disease in the country. However, this measure has then been badly affecting the country's social and economic activities in both public and private sectors. One of the affected public sectors is the government agency that administers the land registration matters. This study mainly aims to identify the problems that this agency has been facing due to the COVID-19 outbreak particularly the MCO enforcement throughout the country. A qualitative approach has been used by choosing the Land Registration Office (LRO) which is located in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia as the case study. Data was collected through interviews with the respective staff and was analyzed using several qualitative analysis methods. The findings showed that ever since the MCO, the LRO has been experiencing a declining number of new land title registrations, burdensome standard operating procedures, and an increased number of COVID-19 infections among staff. Hence, it is recommended for the agency to fully benefit the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in land registration matters as its long-term measure in overcoming the situations."
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AUTHOR: Peng Yew Wong, Woon-Weng Wong, Kingsley Tetteh Baako, Kwabena Mintah
TITLE: Quantitative Easing And The Australian Housing Market |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Housing economics, Australian housing market drivers, monetary policy, quantitative easing "
ABSTRACT: " Contrary to the market economists’ predictions, the Australian national median house prices performed exceptionally well during most of the COVID-19 lock down periods with a hefty annual increase of 16.1% to $656,694.00 since June 2020. The traditional housing market drivers such as population growth and GDP growth were experiencing either negative or lacklustre growth for the same period, signifying the Australian housing market may have experienced unprecedented shift in its performance dynamic. The rebound in house prices was said to have been supported by the unconventional Reserve Bank of Australia monetary policy, namely Quantitative Easing (QE), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The increased levels of liquidity and the lower mortgage rate due to the QE measures may have impacted the housing markets and this unprecedented and fundamental shift in the housing market dynamics require immediate attention to better understand the implications and its effects on market participants. "
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AUTHOR: Ifeanyi Edwin Ihemeje, Nonso Izuchukwu Ewurum, Kenechi Peter Ifeanacho, Kingsley Chika Chukwu,
TITLE: "Gis In Facility Management Of Multi-Campus Universities In Nigeria: A Case For Solid Waste Management In University Of Nigeria, Enugu Campus" |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Facility Management, Geographical Information System, Geographical Positioning System, Solid Waste Management, University of Nigeria Nsukka "
ABSTRACT: " Solid waste management has posed serious environmental threat and challenges over the years especially in developing countries. There seems to be poor solid waste management system in Nigeria universities with University of Nigeria not being an exception. This study examined the effectiveness of the waste management system through automation of the system using Geographical Information System. Data was collected through direct field observation using Geographical Positioning System and IKONOS for image data of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. A geodata base was created and several spatial analysis was performed using ArcGIS 10.5. "
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AUTHOR: David Oluwatofunmi Akinwamide
TITLE: Digital Currency And Real Estate Finance In Nigeria: Professional’S Appraisal |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Blockchain, Digital Currency, e-Naira, Real Estate Finance, Cryptocurrency, Investment "
ABSTRACT: " This study appraises real estate professionals’ perspective on the adoption of digital currency for real estate finance in Nigeria. Using Abuja as the study area, data was collected from estate surveyors and valuers in registered firms by administering questionnaires. Descriptive statistics was employed to analyze the data collected. Findings indicated that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin were the most aware digital currencies for payment in online transaction. While cross-border trade facilitation, liquidity in real estate investment, financial inclusion, and reduced cost of transactions were the most perceived benefit of digital currencies in real estate finance among the surveyed professionals. This study recommends that real estate professionals should embrace the implementation of digital currencies to sustain the future of real estate finance and investment, as transactions involving real estate become more diversified with the launch of digital currency (e-Naira) to stabilize the payment system in Nigeria. "
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AUTHOR: Judith Callanan, Rebecca Leshinsky, Callum Logan
TITLE: The Challenges In Transferring Public Housing To The Private Market |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Asset plans, condition reports, valuation, social housing, land transfer"
ABSTRACT: "The purpose of this paper is to outline the complexities in transferring residential housing ownership from government (state) ownership to a private provider. An analysis of the literature was conducted, including a focus on the drivers for housing stock transfer along with the implications and issues that need to be addressed in that process. In-depth interviews, focus groups and an industry panel were used to formulate the discussion and findings. Data from the focus groups highlights that the quality, accuracy and interpretation of asset data at transfer, combined with the continuation of sound asset management practice post transfer, is critical. Without this full oversight of the assets condition, amenity levels offered, the standard of physical setting and location mismatch then optimal portfolio creation and management will not be possible. Implications from this research show there are many socio-economic factors that need to be addressed when transferring to private ownership."
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AUTHOR: Nurul Athirah Zanawani, Hariati Abdullah Hashim And Ezdihar Hamzah
TITLE: "Shopping Mall Attractiveness Attributes From Urban Shopper Perspective: Case Study Of Paradigm Mall, Johor" |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "shoppingmall,attractivenessattributes,urbanshopper,attractivenessdimensions"
ABSTRACT: " The growing competition among shopping malls has demanded efficient strategies to attract shoppers. Urban shoppers with higher average disposable income levels and stronger purchasing ability directly influence the growth of urban shopping malls. The attractiveness attributes of the shopping mall will affect buyers’ decision in choosing the shopping mall to visit. This research aims to investigate the attractiveness attributes of Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru from the perspective of urban shoppers. A questionnaire survey was conducted, and 116 completed questionnaires were collected from the target respondents. The data were analysed using an important relative index (RII). Cinema, recreational facilities, furnishing, air-conditioning and a variety of stores and merchandise are the five most attractive selections for urban shoppers. The discovery of these critical attributes may guide the management of shopping malls to strategies future planning to attract more urban shoppers. "
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AUTHOR: Jackson, C., Lawson, V., Orr, A.
TITLE: The Utilisation Of Assemblage Theory In The Study Of The Repurposing Of Redundant City Centre Space |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Assemblage,repurposingspace,citycentre,retail"
ABSTRACT: " Repurposing a building rather than demolishing,meansanewschemetendstostartfromaveryinefficientscenario.Thispaperseekstobetterunderstandhowcitycentrerepurposingschemesareshapedbyproperty-related factors,acrossfivecasestudydevelopmentswhereformeruseshadcontractedorceasedaltogether.Facedwiththesubsequentemptyspace,the paper critically examines1)the extent to which a building’s material content, and that of its surroundings, determines decisions at the feasibility stage of city centre re purposing schemes, and 2)which material aspects assisted or resisted the actual act of change, once repurposing works had commenced. In this vein,initialempiricalresultssuggesttheimportanceofinnovationinovercomingthesheerspacetaken-upbyinfrastructurepassingverticallythroughabuildingandincommunicatingexternallywhat’schanginginternally,andtheimportanceofflexibilityinplanningpolicytocaterforusesintheascendance,in these building’ shells’. "
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AUTHOR: Kusal Nanayakkara, Sara Wilkinson, Dulani Halvitigala
TITLE: Workplace Design Changes And Their Impact On Organisational Culture |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Officelayouts,ActivityBasedWorking,Organisationalculture,dimensionsoforganisationalculture "
ABSTRACT: " The growth of flexible work practices has altered the perceptions of how office space is procured and utilised. This research explores the effect of workplace design changes on the existing organisational culture of organisations from the perspective of the management of such organisations. A questionnaire survey with 32 Senior Workplace and Change Strategy Consultants of large corporate organisations who moved to Activity Based Work (ABW) settings was undertaken. The findings identified that all organisations in the study either experienced culture changes with the changes in office layouts or believed that changes in office layouts could be used as a starting point for culture changes. However, some noticeable discrepancy between the perceptions of public and private sector organisations was identified where public sector organisations felt that standardised procedures still governed their actions even in flexible office layouts. The research emphasises the importance of in-depth examination of the behavioural and attitudinal characteristics of market participants to obtain a better understanding of how they create different workplaces and how they interact and behave in these different work layouts. "
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AUTHOR: Farida Rachmawati, Connie Susilawati,
TITLE: Mixed-Income Housing Development: A Case Study Of Low-Cost Apartment Project In Indonesia |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "mixed-income housing, affordable housing, land use policy "
ABSTRACT: " Mixed-income developments enable the cross subsidization of affordable housing without the need for direct subsidies, therefore it could encourage housing developers to involve in public-private partnerships. This study elucidated the partnership challenges associated with mixed-income housing development schemes and proposed strategies that could assist in promoting mixed-income low-cost apartment developments in Indonesia. Six Indonesia government representatives and six semi-private housing developers were interviewed, from which it was found that one of the greatest challenges was selecting the land for suitable mixed-income housing schemes. This study adds to the field by identifying the critical points for mixed-income housing developments. Some changes in financial and asset regulations are needed if mixed-income housing were the project design choice. To lower housing prices, land prices could be minimized by leasing state-owned company land asset, implementing mixed income and mixed-use and reforming the current land use policy to support mixed-income housing developments. In addition, to increase project viability, the proportion of subsidized and non-subsidized units should be calculated thoroughly. "
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AUTHOR: Soh Vuan Teng, Azizah Ismail, Wilson Rangga Anthony Jiram
TITLE: Factors Affecting Housing Affordability Among The Middle-Income Group In Selangor |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Factors affecting housing affordability, middle-income group "
ABSTRACT: " This study aims to determine the factors affecting housing affordability among the middle-income group in Selangor and rank the factors affecting the housing affordability for this group. Malaysia has experienced rapid urban growth with the increase of urban population due to urbanisation and rapid economic activities since the 1950s. The rapid urban growth increases the population in the urban area, leading to increased income levels and migration. This phenomenon has undoubtedly affected the housing sector in the country. The housing sector in Malaysia has experienced fluctuating prices as the demand for housing in the market increase. As house purchase is influenced by affordability, it is important to understand and determine factors influencing the perception of affordability among middle-income households to provide affordable housing for this group. The scope of this research concentrates on the middle-income group in Selangor. The questionnaire was distributed to 100 respondents from the middle-income group in Selangor. The data from the questionnaire were analysed using descriptive analysis and Relative Importance Index (RII) analysis. The study found six factors affecting housing affordability among the middle-income group in Selangor: house price, monthly income, housing loan, location, number of working adults in a household, and health status. "
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AUTHOR: Otchere Gideon Kwame
TITLE: Drivers Of Gated Community Developments In Ghana (Case Study: Greater Accra Region |Refereed|
KEYWORDS: "Gatedcommunity,Development,Drivers,Housing,GreaterAccraRegion,Ghana."
ABSTRACT: " Gated communities continue to proliferate cities across the world. Like other countries, Ghana has seen growth in the development and demand for gated communities over the last few years. The phenomenon manifests in all forms of property advertisements and most new residential developments in the capital city. The paper explores drivers for gated community developments in Ghana using the Greater Accra Region as a case study by identifying the push factors influencing residents to move into gated neighbourhoods. The results of this study are expected to influence urban housing policy decisions towards developing sustainable urban housing typologies. Data was collected from purposively selected gated communities through a survey of residents and interviews with key stakeholders. The residents were asked to rank particular selected drivers, which were derived from an extensive literature review. The key drivers identified were security, land title security, location, facilities and services and community living."
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