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The PRRES website offers two searching methods

Method 1 - A general search of the PRRES web using Google Search.  This is most  useful for finding general PRRES material but not papers held on the PRRES website.

Method 2 - Search the database of papers available on the PRRES website.  Papers held on the PRRES web have appeared in the Pacific Rim Property Research Journal or in the proceedings of the Annual PRRES conference.  If you are conducting research this is the best way to find appropriate reference material.   Your search will result in a list of publications held on the PRRES web site together with details of the paper, including the abstract.  If the full paper is held (this is usually the case for material after 2000) a link will appear to open the paper.

Enter your search criteria in ONE of the boxes below and then click on the Search button

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You can search the database by any one of the above.  Enter your request in the appropriate box and click on the Search button.  Details of the papers matching your inquiry will be displayed after a short delay.