PRRES Membership Information


Membership of PRRES is open to all individuals involved in real estate research, education and practice.  PRRES currently has over 100 members from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and USA and is strongly supported by a number of institutional sponsors and institutional members. PRRES is also a foundation member of the International Real Estate Society (IRES), along with the American Real Estate Society and European Real Estate Society.  Members  receive  the Pacific Rim Property Research Journal (see note 2 below) a twice yearly newsletter, access to the PRRES electronic journal on Internet and a members' discount for conference registration.

 Membership categories are listed below.

 Membership categories  Annual Subscription
Professional member  A$50
Academic member  A$50
Student member (Course work/ Part-time research  A$20
Student member (Fulltime research) (see note 1) Free
Institutional/Corporate member (see note 2)  A$330
Institutional sponsor (see note 3)  A$1,100
Major sponsor - by negotiation (see note 4) Apply to the PRRES Secretary
  1. Fulltime PhD or Masters by research students not employed for more than 10 hours per week. For membership please complete this form.
  2. Corporate and Institutional members would receive up to 4 copies of the newsletter and journal, mailed to one addressee.
    Members in this category have the opportunity of being included on all our newsletters and journals as well as at the PRRES Web site.
  3. Institutional sponsors to receive 6 copies of journal and newsletter, mailed to the one addressee. And by request they also receive the following:
    • acknowledgement on all PRRES newsletters, journals and at each conference.
    • a sponsor profile at the PRRES Web site with a link to the Sponsor's site.
    • one set of conference papers (if published by the host university)
  4. A major sponsor would be expected to contribute significantly to PRRES and would be strongly identified with the activities of PRRES. The fees for this category of membership would take the form of a proposal developed jointly by the PRRES board and the major sponsor.
  5. Major sponsors should negotiate directly with the PRRES board through the secretary.




For membership queries or to change your membership details please contact: