was established in 1993 to provide a formal focus for property researchers, educators and practitioners in the Pacific-Rim Region. PRRES now has over 130 members from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea as well as members from around the globe.  PRRES, along with the American Real Estate Society (ARES), the European Real Estate Society (ERES), the Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES), the African Real Estate Society (AfRES), the Latin American Real Estate Society (LaRes) and the The Middle East North Africa Real Estate Society (MENARES) form the network structure for the International Real Estate Society (IRES) in further developing international property research and education.

 PRRES Objectives

to provide a formal focus for property researchers, educators and practitioners in the Pacific-Rim region 

to encourage and facilitate property research and property education in the Pacific-Rim region
to conduct an annual property conference
to encourage international links via IRES

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Annual PRRES Conference 2021

Due to continuing Covid 19 restrictions the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society will be holding a virtual one-day conference. The 2021 Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Virtual Conference, which will be held on Thursday 4th February 2021.

Tthe conference will be held virtually and will provide an industry session in the morning and concurrent academic presentations in the afternoon.

Importantly, this will be a “no-cost” event for PRRES and IRES sister society members. Please find the registration link below:


Program details can be found on the Conference Page

The annual PRRES Conference is the signature event for the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society and has achieved an A rating with the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative. Each PRRES conference includes presentations from Australian and international speakers at the forefront of research and policy-making and brings together a multi-disciplinary group of leading property researchers from the Pacific Rim region and beyond. For attendees there is the opportunity to hear from leading key note speakers, to present refereed and non-refereed papers, to participate in research colloquiums and thought leadership sessions and to network with colleagues from across the region. Registration at the conference confers membership of the Society, allows attendance at the AGM and Board membership, offers access to the Pacific Rim Property Research Journal, the opportunity to publish in the journal and the chance to win one of the many prizes, scholarships and awards, including monetary, that are awarded by the Society each year. The Pacific Rim Real Estate Society is most welcoming of new and early career academics and, with social events offered each evening of the conference, has a reputation as being particularly friendly and inclusive for researchers in both academia and industry. We look forward to seeing you at our next conference, details of which are available through this site.

The Proceedings from the 26th PRRES Conference Canberra Australia (January 2020) are now online.

View past conference proceedings or you can see details of past PRRES conferences.   a

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