Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2005
SUNDAY 23rd TO Thursday 27th JANUARY 2005
Melbourne University, Australia


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PRRES Conference - 2005, Keynote Speakers

Professor Neil Crosby
Professor Crocker Liu

Professor Michael A. Golberg
Professor C.F. Sirmans, Topic: Trends in Real Estate Research

PRRES Conference - 2005, Property Industry Round Table

Chaired by Dr Anthony De Francesco
Dr David Rees (Head of Investment Strategy, Commsec) Topic: Economic Overview of Markets
Nick Vondras (LPT Analyst, Goldman Sachs JB Were) Topic: LPTs
Trent Alston (General Manager, Colonial First State Property) Topic: Wholesale Funds
Bill Grounds (General Manager, Unlisted Funds, Investa Property Group) Topic: Property Syndicates
Peter Studley (Head of Research, DB RREEF Trust) Topic: Stapled Securities

Delegate Papers

Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a peer review process involving an expert international board of referees headed by Associate Professor Greg Schwann from the University of Melbourne.  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and final publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.

Hera Antoniades And Dr. Garrick Small, Revising The Conceptual Basis Of Price: A Discussion Paper On The Impacts For Residential Agency Agreements

Bjornlund, H. And O’Callaghan, B., Implicit Values And Explicit Prices Of Water – Do They Converge? Refereed

Bjornlund, H. And Rossini, P., Tracing Evidence Of Rational Investor Behavior In Water Markets Refereed

Terry Boyd, Stakeholder Impact On Property Education Programs

Terry Boyd And Philip Kimmet, The Triple Bottom Line Approach To Property Performance Evaluation Refereed

Nelson Chan, China’S Latest Constitutional Amendment On Land Acquisition Compensation Issues–Does It Offer Real Help To Farmers? Refereed

Dr. Marcus Cieleback, Agency Problems In Indirect Real Estate Investing Refereed

Les Coleman, Safe As Houses? Business Risk In Real Estate Investment Refereed

Greg Costello, Trading Rules In Housing Markets - What Can We Learn?

Marsha J. Courchane, Douglas Mcmanus And Peter M. Zorn, An Analysis Of Mortgage Closing Costs Refereed

Graham Crews And Sue Hovell, Real Estate Agents And Consumer Service: The Voice Of A Busy Market

Éamonn D'Arcy, Market-Making In The Real Estate Market: The Case Of Real Estate Services

William Dimovski And Robert Brooks, The Gender Composition Of Boards Of Property Trust Ipos. Refereed

Peter Elliott And Clive M J Warren, "The Valuation Profession In Australia: Profile, Analysis And Future Directions"

Liz Everist, Valerie Francis And Lynne Armitage, Career Mentoring: Preferences Of Undergraduate Property And Construction Students

Susan Flint-Hartle, Towards Understanding Real Estate Franchises In Australasia

Raewyn Fortes, Compensation Models For Native Title

Evan Gamby, Paul Bendall And Allan Smee, A Model For Valuing Subdivision Development Land

Evan Gamby And Pamela Reid, Gold Mining – Environmental Stigma Or Property Value Enhancement

Bob Hargreaves, Exploring The Yields On Residential Investment Property Refereed

Abdul Hassan, A Preliminary Study On The Supply Of Low Cost Housing In Fiji

Johan Hedander, "Focus, Liquidity And Firm Value: An Empirical Study Of Listed Property Trusts In Australia"

Chris Heywood, Dr Greg Missingham And Prof Russell Kenley, Ownership And Community Assets: Managing Change Processes In Strategic Local Government Corporate Property Management

Steven C. Bourassa, Martin Hoesli And Jian Sun, A Simple Alternative House Price Index

Simon Huston, Jung Hoon Han And Tan Yigitcanlar, Urban Structure And Change In Brisbane: Exploring Locations For Property Price Premiums

Rodney L Jefferies, Valuing Ground Rentals – Modelling The Land Value Percentage Rate

Associate Professor Angelo Karantonis, "Risk Free Profit From Property – The Government, The Risk Free Partner." Refereed

Tom Kauko, The Budapest Housing Market Structure From A Heterodox Economics Perspective And With A Neural Network Classification Refereed

Jinu Kim, The Performance Indicator Of Industrial Property Market Based On The Location Factors Refereed

Stephan Kippes, Comparison Of The Calculation Of Habitable Dwelling Surfaces

Valerie Kupke, Wayne Marano, Peter Rossini And Paul Kershaw, Survey Of Investors In The Private Rental Market In South Australia Refereed

Arnold W L Kwok And Clive M J Warren, Optimisation Of Performance In Facilities Management

Ming-Long Lee And Ming-Te Lee, Corporate Real Estate Sales And Agency Costs Of Managerial Discretion

Ming-Long Lee, Ming-Te Lee And Kevin C.H. Chiang, Real Estate Risk Exposure Of Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts

Peter Li And Angelo Karantonis, Boom Or Gloom: A Comparative Study Of The Propensity Of First Home Buyers In Beijing And Shanghai Refereed

Ric Lombardo, John Flaherty And Victor Fang, The Appropriate Efficiency Frontier For The Lpt Sector – An Explorative Study

Kf Man And Kw Chau, Hong Kong Property Cycle – A Frequency Domain Analysis

Kfman And Raymond Y C Tse, The Impact Of Negative Equity Housing On Private Consumption: Hk Evidence Refereed

Vince Mangioni, Residential Property Investment: Is Regulatory Change Necessary Refereed

Stanley Mcgreal, James R. Webb, Alastair Adair And Jim Berry, Risk Return Profiles In The Uk Regeneration Market

Anthony Mills And Peter Williams, Market Analysis Study Of The Value Technology Systems To Home Owners Refereed

Graeme Newell And Tan Yen Keng, Listed Property Trusts

Graeme Newell And Tan Yen Keng, Factors Influencing The Performance Of Listed Property Trusts

Graeme Newell, Tan Yen Keng And Allan Fife, The Significance Of Fractional Interests In Listed Property Trusts

Richard Reed And Nerida Conisbee, Identifying Linkages Between Generations And Community Development – The Effect On Residential And Retail Property

Richard Reed And Hao Wu, The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games:Implications For The Local Property Market

Prof. Jon Robinson, Property Valuation And Analysis Applied To

Kath Robson, Environmentally Sustainable Development Refereed

Peter Rossini And Paul Kershaw, Using A Hybrid Automated Valuation Model To Estimate Capital And Site Values Refereed

Abdul Ghani Sarip, Integrating Artificial Neural Networks And Gis For Single-Property Valuation

Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte And Christian Kolb, Corporate Governance In The Real Estate Industry

Mr Ashish Shah, Professor Arun Kumar, Challenges In Residual Service Life Assessment For Refurbishment Projects

Dr. Garrick Small, A Christian Understanding Of Property: Spiritual Themes Underlying Western Property Refereed

Garrick Small And John Sheehan, Valuing Your Grandmother: Why Customary Title Is Incomparable To Western Conceptions Of Property Value. Refereed

Mr. Yu Song And Dr. Chunlu Liu, Economic Performance Analysis Of The Australian Property Sector In The 1990S Using The Input-Output Tables

F. Ferdinand Spies And Daniel B. Wilhelm, A Critical Analysis Of Us Real Estate Appraisal Methods When Used For Financial Reporting According To The International Financial Reporting Standards (Ifrs)

Vivienne Spurge And Dr Claire Roberts, Broadband Technology:An Appraisal Of The Availability And Use By Small And Medium Sized Enterprises.

C. Susilawati, L. Armitage And M. Skitmore, Barriers To Expanding Partnerships For Affordable Rental Housing Investment Refereed

Clive M J Warren And Sherman H K Heng, Fm Education Are We Meeting Industry Needs Refereed

Shi-Ming Yu, Sun-Sheng Han And Chee-Hian Chai, Modeling The Value Of View In Real Estate Valuation: A 3-D Gis Approach